Centring Climate Agreement-Making in and from the Amazon Rainforest

This project aims to explore the place of the Amazon Rainforest in climate politics and to use the understanding gained as a basis for reconceptualising International Relations from and for the forest.
Project status


In November 2025, Brazil will host the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference of the parties (COP 30) in Belém, bringing the negotiations to the Amazon. The research team will follow four Brazilian actor groups - government, science, Indigenous Peoples and youth - as they mobilise the Rainforest in an attempt to shape collective action. They will work with partners of each group to develop a participatory and multi-territorial ethnographic methodology. This interdisciplinary method will combine oral history interview techniques for collecting environmental histories of participant’s engagement in climate agreement-making with observation over the duration of Brazil’s presidency. Through this participatory research, the project aims to empower the actors and strategies that serve the forest and its peoples.

Principal Investigator: Dr Hannah Hughes, Aberystwyth University

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