Building Research Capacity in Latin America

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru
Project status

These five workshops bring together early career researchers, senior scholars from partner institutions across Latin America with current and former editors of the Journal of Latin American Studies, to develop work-in-progress, build research networks and offer training in grant writing. The workshops respond to the applicants' and participants' experience that journal submissions to multidisciplinary journals from scholars based in Latin America are less often sent out for review and ultimately published. While many Latin American countries are seeking to improve the quality of social science and humanities research by giving incentives to publish in major international journals, governments and universities have not developed systems to train researchers to meet this goal. These workshops will address the barriers to publication, helping early career researchers based in Latin America develop their skills, improve a target project for publication, increase their understanding of publication in English-language journals and foster new research partnerships.

Workshop Team: Professor Patience Schell, University of Aberdeen; Dr Maria Teresa Fernandez Aceves, Centre for Research in Higher Studies in Social Anthropology; Dr Sian Lazar, University of Cambridge; Dr Graham Denyer Willis, University of Cambridge; Dr Paulo Drinot, University College London; Professor Diego Sanchez-Ancochea, University of Oxford; Professor Juliana Martinez Franzoni, University of Costa Rica

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