Building research capacity and strengthening partnerships of Syrian researchers

The workshop(s) for this project will support Syrian early career researchers.
Project status

Our earlier workshop supported Syrian academics in exile registered with the Council for At-Risk Academics Syria Programme to develop their research writing skills and produce high quality research outputs, in partnership with UK-based mentors. Our aim in this proposed Alumni Funding Writing Workshop programme is to support alumni participants to further consolidate, strengthen, and grow their partnerships, develop skills in targeted ways that support career development, and produce further high quality research-based texts (chiefly articles and grant applications). We also aim to extend the benefit to a wider network of Syrian early career researchers (ECRs), both by opening the workshop activities to new participants and by building alumni participants’ capacity in mentoring and workshop facilitation through training. In so doing, we will not only support individuals but also leverage collective expertise to build research capacity and culture at a cohort level, enhancing long-term sustainability.

Workshop Team: Dr Tom Parkinson, University of Kent; Dr Saad Alyamam, Sakarya Uygulamali Bilimler Universitesi; Dr Marion Heron, University of Surrey.

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