Building capacity to publish in high-impact journals through mentorship and interdisciplinary training for Kenya-based early career researchers in Applied Linguistics and Psychology

Project status


This project will provide the infrastructure to establish interdisciplinary scholarly partnerships between Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) in Kenya and UK-based academics, across the fields of Applied Linguistics and Psychology. Among other broader aims, the primary goal is to offer Kenya-based ECRs an opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance from experienced academics and journal editors, enabling them to refine a manuscript chosen for its potential into a ready-to-submit document for a high-impact journal. This project will consist of the following 5 stages: (S1) groundwork and selection of participants, (S2) a preworkshop virtual mentorship program, (S3) an intensive 3-day residential workshop in Nairobi where experts will deliver training on various aspects of the publishing process, (S4) continued mentorship after the workshop to ensure that the manuscripts are further refined and prepared for submission; and within stage 4, there will be an in-person event (S5) dedicated to finalising the work and ensuring successful submission.

Workshop Team: Dr Natalia Rodríguez-Vicente, University of Essex; Dr Louise Rolland, University of Essex; Dr Lydiah Maingi, Kenyatta University.

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