All Change: Equitably Decarbonising India's Transportation Sector

Project status

As a fast-growing economy, India has seen tremendous growth in its transport sector, which has led to trebling of carbon emissions from the sector between 2000 and 2020. Although the country has initiated several measures to decarbonise the sector, including promotion of electric vehicles, energy efficiency improvements and reducing carbon intensity of the sector, any deep decarbonisation of the sector has significant socio-economic implications for the vulnerable section of the population. As there is a knowledge gap in understanding the issues related to a just and inclusive transition towards a decarbonised transport sector, this scoping study aims to better understand the issues involved. This project will scope how national and regional policy spaces frame and integrate just transition pathways in support of a decarbonised transport sector and develop insights from governmental and sector informants on anticipated implications of transitioning. These insights will allow better policies for just transition.

Professor Subhes C Bhattacharyya, De Montfort University; Dr Sukanya Das, TERI School of Advanced Studies; Dr Andrew Mitchell, De Montfort University; Dr Gopal K Sarangi, TERI School of Advanced Studies.

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