Ahon: stories and imaginaries of resilience and progress in a changing climate

This project will offer a critical look into climate resilient development by drawing on narratives of local communities in Tacloban, Leyte and Guiuan, Eastern Samar in the Philippines, a country on the frontline of climate change-induced disasters.
Project status


Climate resilient development has emerged as a new response to integrating adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development agendas. However, such framing relies on notions of resilience and low carbon development that are mostly informed by narratives in high income economies that have greater resources for transformational change. This risks overlooking socio-cultural tensions, inequalities and aspirations of progress in societies that face the biggest climate and development challenges. Ahon, meaning ‘to rise up’, will capture people’s visions of a ‘good life’ in order to produce a values-based narrative of climate resilient development and set out ways to track progress and articulate aspirational goals based on lived realities and local knowledge systems.

Principal Investigator: Dr Angela Minas, University of Manchester

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