Romano-British Writing-Tablets

To develop further techniques for the study of ink writing-tablets and incised wooden stilus tablets, in order to produce editions, with commentaries, of Latin texts on stilus tablets and a corpus of texts on Romano-British writing-tablets
Project status

Chair: Professor Alan Bowman FBA 
Project Director: Professor David Thomas FBA 

Discoveries at Romano-British archaeological sites such as Vindolanda, Carlisle and Bath in the past 30 years have made Britain the most important source in the Roman empire for new Latin documents. The impact of these discoveries on knowledge of all aspects of the history of the province, literacy, palaeography, the development of the Latin language and several other major fields of study cannot be overstated.

The Romano-British Writing-Tablets project was conceived and established as a way of furthering the publication of these documents, in hard and electronic media, and has further developed into a programme to bring the material together as a standard corpus of texts and images for use in research and teaching.

Professor Alan Bowman: [email protected]

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