Lexicon of Greek Personal Names

To create a comprehensive compilation of Greek personal names for innovative research into every aspect of ancient Greek life
Project status

Chair and Project Director: Professor Robert Parker FBA 
Editor: Mr Richard Catling 

The LGPN project was established to provide researchers in all fields of classical studies with a comprehensive and authoritative compilation of ancient Greek personal names, drawn from all available sources (literature, inscriptions, graffiti, papyri, coins, vases and other artefacts), within the period from the earliest Greek written records in the eighth century BC down to approximately the sixth century AD. Of more than 400,000 individuals recorded in the LGPN research archive, over 215,000, sharing more than 28,000 names, have been published to date. All the data (including unpublished) are held in electronic form and made accessible to the research community, increasingly through the project website. As a fundamental research resource, LGPN is making a major contribution to the understanding of ancient Greek language and society.

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