DALIP: Database of Acquired Language Impairment Profiles

Building a resource for exploring the nature and impact of language processing difficulties in adults with neurological impairments
Project status

Project Director: Dr Lotte Meteyard
Co-Directors: Dr Arpita Bose and Dr Holly Robson

The human language system is complex. Different sources of information, such as sounds, meaning and grammar, interact. There are underlying individual differences as people vary in their sensory and motor skills, working memory, attention and so on. When language is impaired following neurological damage (eg aphasia following a stroke), an additional source of complexity is introduced, as the nature and severity of the impairment also varies across individuals. The complexity makes understanding these impairments very challenging. This project aims to build capacity for research into acquired language impairments in adults. It will establish a a research panel of adults with aphasia who are interested in taking part in research, so they can participate in ongoing projects in the UK. It will also set up a web-resource, providing access to anonymised behavioural data collected from adults with aphasia. This data can then be used by scholars and researchers across disciplines for analysis and data-mining projects.

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