Academic Writing and Publishing Workshops: Training and Mentorship for Practice-based Researchers in Design, Visual and Performing Arts

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa.
Project status

These workshops will provide an ambitious training and mentorship programme for early career practice-based researchers in the Design, Visual and Performing Arts disciplines. The workshops will take place in three developing countries – South Africa, Nigeria, and Mauritius – in order to provide access for early career researchers in gaining knowledge and the skills required for successfully navigating the challenges of disseminating their research in reputable international journals and publications.

Training and mentorship will be provided by the workshop team, alongside carefully selected senior academics and editors with extensive experience of editing, writing, and peer-reviewing for academic journals. The project team and invited academics and editors will also be assigned as mentors to participants, providing early career researchers with the opportunity to discuss their research and publication plans in more detail, and to explore viable approaches to publishing their work in reputable national and international journals.

Workshop Team: Dr Kene Igweonu, Middlesex University; Professor Leora Farber-Blackbeard, University of Johannesburg; Dr Alexandra Kokoli, Middlesex University; Professor Sunday Ododo, University of Maiduguri; Dr Adeelah Kodabux, Middlesex University Mauritius

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