Leadership, introduction to research management, and entrepreneurship and innovation training programmes

Start date
Wednesday 25 January 2023
End date
Dec 2023
Application deadline
14 Dec 2022
Programme status
Open for applications

Invitation to Tender

Download the tender document


The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. We mobilise these disciplines to understand the world and shape a brighter future.

The Academy is seeking to commission a Supplier or Suppliers for three training programmes tailored to its research fellowship award holders, specifically the Academy’s Newton International Fellowships although the opportunity may be opened up more widely.

The three training programmes are as follows and the Academy is seeking a Supplier or Suppliers on a one-year pilot basis (please note it is possible to bid for an individual, selection or all Lots), after which a decision will be taken whether and/or how to continue such training and development courses more long-term:

  1. Lot 1 refers to the tender for the development and delivery of a Personal Leadership Development in Research programme.
  2. Lot 2 refers to the development and delivery of a training programme for an Introduction to Management and Leadership in Academic Research Environments.
  3. Lot 3 refers to the tender for the development and delivery of an Entrepreneurship & Innovation training programme.


If you have any questions, suppliers are advised to contact the International Team at the British Academy, where staff will be pleased to assist, at [email protected]

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