Knowledge Frontiers Symposia

A series of symposia supporting the development of the next generation of talent within the social sciences and the humanities, and promoting interdisciplinary and international research collaboration.
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Knowledge Frontiers

The aim of this series of activities is to enhance the skills and capabilities of early career researchers in the UK and overseas, and to encourage them to develop new international links and research partnerships. The symposia seek to bring cross-regional and multi-disciplinary insights to bear on issues of research and global significance and provide opportunities for the creation of new networks and long-term collaborations.

In order to incentivise long-term collaboration and networking, seed funding will be made available for which participants can apply at the end of the symposium. These collaborations must be international in their makeup, and can be either partnerships or groups. Time will be set aside for participants to share and discuss their ideas for collaboration, as well as receive feedback on their ideas.

During the symposium participants are able to discuss their research, exchange ideas, and make connections for future collaborations.

Seed funding can be used to further new research collaborations; to hold workshops and symposiums, to produce co-authored papers or special journal issues, to create podcasts, websites or blog posts.

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