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Newton International Fellowships 2015 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2015 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2015.

Dr Scott Blumenthal  -  American
Oxygen isotopes in primates and implications for early hominin ecology
NF151155 - University of Oxford

Dr Dragos Calma  -  Romanian
Premodern Metaphysics without Aristotle? The Unpublished Commentaries on the 'Book of Causes'
NF150013 - University of Cambridge

Dr Muhammed Talha Cicek  -  Turkish
Negotiating empire in the desert: Ottomans and the Arab tribes of Syria, Iraq and Arabia,1870-1914
NF150008 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Karuna Dietrich Wielenga  -  Indian
Historical origins of the informal sector: A case study of the textile industry in south India
NF150323 - University of Oxford

Dr Molly Flaherty  -  American
Language evolution in the lab and the field - how new languages trade-off redundancy and efficiency
NF150657 - University of Edinburgh

Dr Jane Freeland  -  Australian
Everyday Violence and Citizenship in Divided Germany, 1970-1990
NF150396 - University of Bristol

Dr Jaclyn Granick  -  American
Jewish Women's Internationalism, 1880-1995: A Century of Jewish Universalism
NF150206 - University of Oxford

Dr Matt Kandel  -  American
Teso Retransforming: Land Dispossession, Violence, and Capital Accumulation, 1991-2015
NF150510 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Mikhail Lopatin  -  Russian
Musico-textual topoi in Italian musical culture of the Trecento and early Quattrocento
NF150459 - University of Oxford

Dr Emuobosa Orijemie  -  Nigerian
New applied approaches to African farming systems: the long-term history of farming in Tiv, Nigeria
NF150625 - University of Cambridge

Dr Ceren Ozpinar  -  Turkish
Re-visiting Feminist Temporalities in Art and Art History in Turkey from 1970s onwards
NF150295 - University of Sussex

Dr Jonathan Preminger  -  Israeli
Labor relations in a "national" industry following globalization: Israel's shipping industry
NF150454 - Cardiff University

Dr Esther Van Schagen  -  Dutch
How can impact assessments improve EU contract law?
NF150259 - University of Oxford

Dr Maarten Van Zalk  -  Dutch
Aggression Toward Minority Groups in Adolescence: A Biosocial Approach
NF150557 - University of Oxford

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