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Newton International Fellowships 2013 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2013 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2013.

Dr Tatsuma Padoan 
-  Italian
The Lucky Gods of Tokyo: Religious and Spatial Politics of a Contemporary Urban Pilgrimage
NF130960 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Terri Ochiagha  -  Spanish
E.H.Duckworth, the Making of Nigeria Magazine and the Nationalist Press, 1933-53
NF130637 - University of Sussex

Dr Kurt Gron  -  American
Understanding Early Animal Husbandry in Southern Scandinavia:  A Comparative Isotopic Approach
NF130853 - University of Durham

Dr Golan Gur  -  Israeli
Utopia and Memory in the Musical Culture of the German Democratic Republic
NF130340 - University of Cambridge

Dr Anthony Fisher  -  Australian
The Metaphysics of Samuel Alexander
NF130221 - University of Manchester

Dr Jukka-Pekka Heikkila  -  Finnish
Latent forms of entrepreneurship in East Asia
NF130387 - Anglia Ruskin University

Dr Mari Miyamoto  -  Japanese
Democracy and religion in contemporary Bhutan
NF130282 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Clara Fischer  -  Irish
The Politics of Shame: Containment, Gender and Embodiment
NF130274 - London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr Sandipto Dasgupta  -  Indian
Can Judges Transform Society? Nature and Scope of Judicial Activism in India
NF130674 - King's College London

Dr Anna Llaurado  -  Spanish
A developmental model of written text quality in three different languages
NF130596 - Institute of Education, University of London

Dr Diana Cucos  -  Moldovan
Diplomatic Protection: A Distinctive Source of Human Rights Protection
NF130494 - University of Essex