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Newton International Fellowships 2008 Awards List

Newton International Fellowships 2008 Awards List

Awards made under Newton International Fellowships in 2008.

Dr Saskia Roselaar
 -  Dutch
Conquest and integration in the Roman Republic
NF080309 - University of Manchester

Dr Shin-Sook Kim  -  South Korean
Negation, Scope, and Negative Polarity Items in Korean
NF081293 - School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr Andrey Shcherbenok  -  Russian
Soviet Past as the Traumatic Object of Contemporary Russian Culture
NF081326 - University of Sheffield

Dr Samu Niskanen  -  Finnish
A critical edition of St Anselm's letters
NF080445 - University of Oxford

Dr Vivien Prigent  -  French
Estimation of the gold coin output of the Byzantine Sicilian mint from the 7th to the 9th century.
NF080910 - University of Oxford

Dr Chiara Franceschini  -  Italian
On the edges: the unchristened dead and their fate in the Western tradition
NF081017 - School of Advanced Study

Dr Martina Viarengo  -  Italian
“School Size and Students’ Performance: an International Perspective”
NF080961 - London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr Chiara Letizia  -  Italian
Religious Change in Nepal
NF080329 - University of Oxford

Dr Katrien Pype  -  Belgian
Presidential Propaganda on Kinshasa's Television Screens. An Exploration into Politics and Media in DRCongo (2009-2010).
NF080432 - University of Birmingham

Dr Dariusz Gafijczuk  -  Canadian
The Ruins of Mitteleuropa: An Investigation into the Cultural Blueprints of the Centre
NF080473 - University of Lancaster

Dr Xiaobo Zhai  -  Chinese
Greatest Happiness, Democracy and Tyranny of Majority:The Normative and Institutional Structure of Jeremy Bentham’s Constitutional Theory
NF080114 - University College London

Dr Jie Sui  -  Chinese
Cultural Contributions to the Neural Mechanisms of Self-Face Perception
NF080131 - University of Birmingham

Dr Vicki Sentas  -  Australian
Securing Nations: Policing Terrorist Organization Offences in the United Kingdom and Australia
NF080128 - King's College London

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