A vision for the future of humanities and social science research

12 Jul 2017

An expert working group of the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA), chaired by Fellow of the British Academy Professor John Bell, today released a position paper on Developing a Vision for Framework Programme 9.

This paper evaluates and draws conclusions from the successes and shortcomings of Horizon 2020 and provides recommendations to the European Commission for the formulation of the successor framework programme for research and innovation. 

ALLEA's Framework Programme 9 Working Group calls for the EU to set itself and meet the ambition of being the world leader in research and innovation in the development and realisation of the next framework programme.

The chair of the ALLEA FP9 Working Group, Professor John Bell FBA, highlights: "Europe needs research undertaken by the best minds to help it have flourishing and convivial communities through to 2040. To be prepared for the changes that lie ahead, Europe needs to ensure the different ways of thinking offered by humanities and social sciences, as well as by the natural and biomedical sciences, work productively together. It also needs a holistic concept of innovation that looks not only at contribution to economic prosperity but also at cultural, governance and social transformation."

Read the press release and position statement.

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