Universities Minister praises the humanities and social sciences

31 Jan 2019

In response to the Universities Minister’s speech at RADA this afternoon, Alun Evans, Chief Executive at the British Academy, said:

“We were delighted to hear Chris Skidmore, the Universities Minister, speak so highly of the arts, humanities and social sciences and to hear him talk about his vision for the UK’s higher education sector. Our universities and higher education system are truly world leading, and it is only right and proper, especially at this uncertain time, that the sector has a vocal and eloquent advocate in Westminster.

“Minister Skidmore said that higher education is about much more than earnings and made clear the value of the arts, humanities and social sciences not just to the prospects of individual students but also to the nation’s economic, social and cultural wealth. We agree. As the national Academy for the humanities and social sciences, we know that the success of the industrial strategy will come from both scientific progress and an improved understanding of the human condition. Be it Brexit, the rise of Artificial Intelligence or climate change, the insights of the humanities and social sciences are essential to tackling the key challenges of our time.  

“We look forward to hearing more from the Minister and to working closely with him and others in Government on behalf of the humanities and social sciences.”

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