The British Academy welcomes 'fantastic' news of UK association to Horizon Europe

7 Sep 2023

The British Academy has warmly welcomed news that the UK and the EU have finalised the UK’s association to Horizon Europe, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research & Innovation.

The Academy has long made the case for association to Horizon Europe, which is essential to delivering on the UK’s ambitions for global research and innovation, and to supporting researchers in the SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy) and other disciplines.

The opportunities to collaborate through Horizon Europe with some of our closest international partners, facilitate international mobility and support world-class discovery research are critical for the success of UK research and innovation, and towards ensuring the future health, wealth and prosperity of the nation.

Association with Horizon Europe also enables the UK to engage in the development of future Framework Programmes to our and our partners’ benefit.

Welcoming the announcement, Professor Julia Black PBA, President of the British Academy, said:  

“This is fantastic news. We are delighted to see that association has now been finalised; it is the announcement the whole higher education and research community has been waiting for.

“Associating to Horizon Europe provides both UK researchers and our international partners with the certainty and stability they have been seeking, enabling them to participate in the largest international collaborative research fund in the world.

“All of us in the research and innovation community must now drive forward UK participation in Horizon Europe, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, working with counterparts elsewhere in Europe and globally to forge the exciting and fruitful collaborations and partnerships that Horizon Europe enables us to deliver over the long term.”

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