The British Academy awards Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration funding to develop Horizon Europe collaborations

18 Apr 2024

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The British Academy has announced the recipients of the 2024 Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners scheme, with support from its sister National Academies: the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

A total of £601,799 has been awarded to 63 researchers across two funding rounds launched in December 2023 as part of the UK’s association to Horizon Europe. The grants – of up to £10,000 - enable researchers to develop collaborative activity between UK and EU/Associated Countries’ entities in Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe, with the goal of submitting an application building on their grant idea.

Following a drive to attract proposals from across all subject areas, including the humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines, and from those who had never received Horizon Europe funding before, there was high demand for the scheme, with 40% of awards going to researchers who have never engaged with EU Framework Programmes and 40% going to early career researchers.

The grants will be used in a variety of ways including feasibility studies, application advice and training, partnership building, and dedicated resource to take forward an application.

Professor Julia Black, President of the British Academy, commented:

“We are absolutely delighted to be supporting UK-based researchers to apply for Horizon Europe funding and I heartily congratulate the successful applicants and their European teams. From AI to sustainability, net zero and energy, these grants will catalyse innovation across many of the most pressing issues we face: testament to the importance of collaboration across disciplines and borders alike.”

The 2024 Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners awards (round one):

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application.

Dr Ian Ashton

Hi Fidelity Monitoring for Condition and Structural Health Monitoring of Ocean Energy

University of Exeter


Dr Eleni Asimakopoulou

BUILD4TRUST Proposal Development and Refinement

University of Central Lancashire


Dr Helen Bao

Consortium-building and Project Development for Horizon Europe call: New Sustainable Business and Production Models for Farmers and Rural Communities

University of Cambridge


Dr Mahdi Bashiri

Revolutionizing Forest Fire Risk Management: Harnessing AI and New Technologies for Enhanced Safety and Resilience

University of Coventry

Dr Ardhendu Behera

ARMOUR: Developing AI Tools and Processes for Improved Intelligence and Autonomy in Disaster Resilience

Edge Hill University


Dr Elisa Bertolesi

I-TIDE: Integrated Technologies for Improved Disaster Enhancement

University of Cardiff


Dr Katharina Burger

TIPTOP: Transforming Policy Projects Mobility Impacts

University College London


Dr Silvio Carta

BETTER TOGETHER: Digital and Smart Design Solutions for City Participatory Design

University of Greenwich


Dr Valeria Cascione

Reimagining Occupant-centred, Versatile and Efficient Retrofit (ROVER)– Travel Grant

University of Bath


Dr Chuan Cheng

Solvent-Free Manufacturing of Lithium-Sulfur All-Solid-State Rechargeable Batteries

Newcastle University


Dr Ariana Darvish

AI Solutions for Enhanced Transport Infrastructure Performance: Connected Infrastructure and Mobility

University of Reading


Dr Philip Davies

DECENT-H20 Proposal Development

University of Birmingham


Dr Mehrdad Dianati

AI-Enabled Cooperative Perception and Coordinated Decision Making for Connected and Automated Vehicles in Complex Road Segments

Queen’s University Belfast


Dr Kegong Diao

REALYCS: Real-time leak detection and localisation in complex water distribution systems

De Montfort University


Dr Maria Ferentinou

Strengthening Infrastructure Resilience: A Digital Twin-Driven, Multiscale Multi-Sensing Monitoring Approach for Intelligent Disaster Prevention

Liverpool John Moores University


Dr Peter Fussey

Digital Tools for Managing Changes in Infrastructure During the Transition to Net Zero

University of Sussex


Dr Alexeis Garcia Perez

Developing Digital Twins for Enhanced Intelligence in Multimodal Transport Infrastructure Monitoring

Aston University


Dr Dawid Hanak

A UK-EU Partnership to Demonstrate Integrated Carbon Capture and Utilisation for Innovation in Sustainable Chemicals Manufacturing

Teesside University


Dr Yukun Hu

EnVisA+: Industrialised Deep Circular Renovation of Buildings using AI-based Energy and Emission Visualisation

University College London


Dr Weiqi Hua

Assembling Digital Solutions for Inclusive and Net-Zero Transition of Community Energy Systems (ADvaNCE)

University of Birmingham


Dr David Lowe

Combatting Hate Crime

Leeds Beckett University


Dr Alfonso Martinez-Felipe

Building European Green Hydrogen Networks

University of Aberdeen


Dr Temitope Odedeyi

Consortium Building and Proposal Development: Strengthening Europe's Resilience against Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Threats in Agriculture and Food Systems

University College London


Dr Ibrahim Ozturk

NUDGE: Nurturing Understanding and Decorum for Traffic Safety Culture

University of Leeds


Dr Daya Pandey

Developing and Fostering Research Collaboration to Facilitate the Integration of Energy-Driven Biorefinery and the Development of a Circular Bioeconomy

University of Leeds


Dr Edoardo Patelli

Intelligent Digital Twin Management Platform for Natural-technological (NaTech) Disasters

University of Strathclyde


Dr Wenjie Peng

Digital Tools and Solutions with Eco-accounting to Improve Performance and Operation of Transport Infrastructure

Nottingham Trent University


Dr Fulvio Pinto

AREE_Adapting, Re-using and Enhancing the European Rural Heritage Buildings: New Technological Solutions with Rooted Local Materials

University of Bath


Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe

GreenHeart: Activating New European Bauhaus Values Together with Nature-based Solutions through Collaboration with Cultural Institutions

University of Surrey


Dr Noha Saleeb

Optimised Intelligent Sustainability Digital-twin For Buildings Circular Energy Renovation (Pentatwin-green)

Middlesex University


Dr Lijun Shang

Preparing A Bid to Horizon Europe on Biosecurity Education for a Resilient Agribusiness Sector

London Metropolitan University


Dr Carlo Tiseo

Consortium for Teleoperated and Autonomous Diagnostics for Emergency Medicine

University of Sussex


Dr Jin Wang

Enabling Cost-effective and Low Carbon Blue-Green Mobility

Liverpool John Moores University


Dr Sean Wilkinson

Return to the Horizon

Newcastle University


Dr Anna Young

SOPHIA: Sustainable Ocean Power - Habitats, Impacts and Adaptation

University of Bath


Dr Yeshui Zhang

Hydrogen Production From Waste By Thermo-chemical Conversion

University of Aberdeen


The 2024 Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners awards (round two):

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application.

Dr Karen Alexander

Environmental And Socio-economic Impacts Of Offshore Wind Farms: Proposal Development

Heriot-Watt University


Dr Hadi Arbabi

Urban And Architectural Intervention Strategies For European Cities

University of Sheffield


Dr Daniele Baiocco

Tackling Microplastic Pollution: Safeguarding our Environment and Food Chains

University of Birmingham


Dr Joel Busher

Protest, Policing And The Extreme Right: Improving Responses To Extreme-right Led And Extreme-right Adjacent Contentious Action (PROPER)

Coventry University


Dr Bernardo Castro Dominguez

Intelligent CO2-to-Fuels Conversion for Maximum Efficiency

University of Bath


Dr Kevin Curran

TReVER: Terrorism, Radicalisation, and Violent Extremism Response

University of Ulster


Dr Marianna Ercolino

An Innovative Framework For Integrated Structural Health Assessment Of Infrastructure Systems

Brunel University London


Dr Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes

A UK-EU Workshop on Digital and Sustainable Logistics to Accelerate the Decarbonisation of Freight Operations

University of Derby


Dr Cheng Siew Goh

Navigating Eco-Social Vulnerabilities Through Participatory Design: Uncovering Knowledge and Practical Gaps Across the UK, the Netherlands and Norway

Northumbria University


Dr Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani

Development of the Next Generation of Decentralised Green Hydrogen Production and Utilisation in Micro-CHP systems for Domestic Applications

Staffordshire University


Dr Daniel Green

MAGIC-1: Monitoring and Assessment of Green Infrastructure in Cities (Phase 1)

Heriot-Watt University


Dr Carmelo Herdes

Towards Optimal Hydrochar Production: Integrating AI-driven Experimental and Molecular Simulation Approaches for Feedstock Agnostic Analysis

University of Bath


Dr Jill Jameson

Building Trust and Digital Leadership for Conflict Resolution in a Police-Community of Practice Partnership (BTL- COP)

University of Greenwich


Dr Anna Markovska

Online Hate Speech: Learning from Technological Developments and Advancing Police Capabilities to Protect Victims and Prevent Online Hate

Anglia Ruskin University


Dr Stergios Mitoulis

AI4REAL: Threat-agnostic Infrastructure Resilience Enhancement By Leveraging AI For Real-time Data Analysis

University of Birmingham


Dr Simon Peter Nadeem

Towards Sustainable Transformation: Collaborative Workshops to Form a Circular Construction Consortium

University of Derby


Dr Keivan Navaie

AI for Advanced Collaboration for Predictive and Adaptive Multi-modal CCAM Applications

Lancaster University


Dr Kumar Patchigolla

Flexi-Net-ZED-Bio (Flexible Net-Zero Energy Driven Biorefineries)

Teesside University


Dr Joshua Skoczylis

Bridging Divides: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Tackle Hate Speech Online and Offline

University of Lincoln


Dr Martin Tuuli

Circularity, Adaptability, and Reuse Enhancement in Building Design, construction and Renovation (CARE-BUILDER)

Loughborough University


Dr Julia Wright

Enhancing Agrobiodiversity by Mobilising Minor Crops in Europe (HARMONIC)

Coventry University


Dr Iryna Yevseyeva

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment Using Data-driven Metrics

De Montfort University


Dr Zhenhui Yuan

Multimodal Simulation and Decision-making for Future Transport Network

University of Warwick


Dr Wenbin Zhang

Industrial Deep Decarbonization Using CCUS and Bioenergy

Nottingham Trent University


Dr Xingyu Zhao

Verification and Validation for AI Solutions in CCAM

University of Warwick


Dr Xiangming Zhou

Design for Adaptability, Re-use and Deconstruction of Buildings, in Line with the Principles of Circular Economy - Pump-priming Collaborative Fund to Support Brainstorming, Networking, Brokerage, Consortium Building, and Proposal Drafting

Brunel University London


The awards listed are those for rounds one and two of the 2024 Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners scheme. Previous award announcements can be found on the Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners past awards page.

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