Royal Society and British Academy hold joint meeting on Future Earth initiative for researchers and stakeholders

21 Jun 2013

The Royal Society and the British Academy today held a joint town hall meeting for researchers and stakeholders to discover more about the new Future Earth initiative led by the International Council for Science in collaboration with the International Social Science Council.

Future Earth is a 10-year international research venture that will develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and for supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. In addressing this challenge, Future Earth seeks to develop the knowledge required for societies worldwide to face challenges posed by global environmental change and to identify and implement solutions and opportunities for a transition to global sustainability. Future Earth must answer fundamental questions about how and why the global environment is changing, what are likely future changes, what are the implications for humans and other species, and what are the opportunities that reduce risks and vulnerabilities, enhance resilience, and create prosperous and equitable futures.

Further information on today's event can be seen on the British Academy International homepage

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