British Academy reaches 1,000 as 42 new UK Fellows are welcomed

17 Jul 2015

The British Academy has today elected 42 highly distinguished UK academics from 18 universities as Fellows, in recognition of their outstanding research, taking the total number of living Fellows to over one thousand for the first time. At its Annual General Meeting (16 July 2015), the Academy welcomed the new Fellows whose research areas span the full range of the subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, from history to psychology, economics to law, literature to philosophy and languages to archaeology.

Lord Stern, President of the British Academy, said: “This year we have the honour of once again welcoming the finest researchers and scholars into our Fellowship. Elected from across the UK and world for their distinction in the humanities and social sciences, they represent an unrivalled resource of expertise and knowledge. Our Fellows play a vital role in the work of the Academy; encouraging younger researchers, engaging in public discussion of the great issues and ideas of our time, and contributing to policy reports. Their collective work and expertise are testament to why research in the humanities and social sciences is vital for our understanding of the world and humanity.”

A total of 65 new Fellows were elected today, including 20 new Corresponding Fellows from overseas universities and three new Honorary Fellows: former Chief Executive of the British Library, Dame Lynne Brindley DBE, now Master of Pembroke College, Oxford; Dame Carol Ann Duffy DBE, Poet Laureate Professor of Contemporary Poetry and Creative Director of the Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University; and Sir John Eliot Gardiner CBE, founder and artistic director of the Monteverdi Choir, the English Baroque Soloists and the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique.

A full list of the new British Academy Fellows and their institutions appears below.

The Academy's Review of the Year and further information on the Academy and its activities are available online.  

British Academy New Fellows 2015


Professor Janette Atkinson FMedSci
Emeritus Professor, University College London; Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

Professor Oriana Bandiera 
Professor of Economics, Director of STICERD, London School of Economics

Professor Melanie Bartley 
Emeritus Professor of Medical Sociology, University College London

Professor Christine Bell 
Professor of Constitutional Law, Assistant Principal and Executive Director, Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh

Professor Julia Black 
Professor of Law and Pro Director for Research, London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor Cyprian Broodbank 
John Disney Professor of Archaeology and Director, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge

Professor David Buckingham
Emeritus Professor of Media and Communications, Loughborough University; Visiting Professor, Sussex University; Visiting Professor, Norwegian Centre for Child Research

Professor Craig Calhoun 
Director and School Professor, London School of Economics

Professor Michael Carrithers 
Professor of Anthropology, Durham University

Professor Dawn Chatty 
Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration, University of Oxford

Professor Andy Clark FRSE
Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh

Professor Thomas Corns 
Emeritus Professor of English Literature, Bangor University

Professor Elizabeth Edwards 
Professor of Photographic History, Director of Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University

Professor Briony Fer 
Professor of Art History, University College London

Professor Garth Fowden 
Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths, University of Cambridge

Professor Robert Fowler 
Henry Overton Wills Professor of Greek, University of Bristol

Professor Jonardon Ganeri
Professorial Research Associate, Department of the Study of Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, London; Recurrent Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, King’s College London

Professor Andrew Gerstle 
Professor of Japanese Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Professor Robert Gordon 
Serena Professor of Italian, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Professor Sanjeev Goyal 
Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Dr Felicity Heal 
Emeritus Fellow, Jesus College, Oxford

Professor Michael Heffernan 
Professor of Historical Geography, University of Nottingham

Professor Almut Hintze 
Zartoshty Brothers Professor of Zoroastrianism, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Professor John Hobson 
Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield

Professor James Hurford 
Emeritus Professor of General Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

Professor Robert Ladd 
Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

Professor Michael Lobban 
Professor of Legal History, London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor Peter Mandler 
Professor of Modern Cultural History, University of Cambridge; Bailey Lecturer in History, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Professor Rana Mitter
Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China , Deutsche Bank Director of the University China Centre, University of Oxford

Professor Kia Nobre 
Director, Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA); Professor of Translational Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford

Professor Andy Orchard 
Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon, University of Oxford; Fellow, Pembroke College, Oxford

Professor Michael Parker Pearson 
Professor of British Later Prehistory, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Professor Stephen Reicher 
Professor of Psychology, University of St Andrews

Professor Gillian Rose 
Professor of Cultural Geography, The Open University

Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey 
Professor in Political Science, London School of Economics

Professor Sally Shuttleworth 
Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford; Professorial Fellow, St Anne’s College, Oxford

Professor Simon Swain
Professor of Classics and Greco-Arabic Studies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Social Sciences), University of Warwick

Professor Nicholas Tarrier 
Professor Emeritus in Clinical Psychology, School of Psychological Science, The University of Manchester

Professor Annette Volfing 
Professor of Medieval German Literature, University of Oxford; Fellow, Oriel College, Oxford

Professor Joachim Whaley 
Professor of German History and Thought, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Professor Richard Widdess 
Professor of Musicology, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Professor Hugh Willmott
Professor of Management, Cass Business School, City University London; Research Professor in Organization Studies, Cardiff Business School

Corresponding Fellows

Professor Philippe Aghion 
Robert C Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University; Professeur au College de France sur la Chaire d Economie des Institutions, de l'Innovation, et de la Croissance; Centennial Professor of Economics, London School of Economics

Professor Mahzarin Banaji 
Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Harvard University

Professor Lina Bolzoni 
Professor of Italian Literature, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Professor Joan Bresnan 
Sadie Dernham Patek Professor in Humanities, Emerita, Professor of Linguistics, Emerita, and Senior Researcher, CSLI, Stanford University

Professor Judith Butler 
Maxine Elliot Professor of Comparative Literature and Critical Theory, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Martha Crenshaw 
Senior Fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Professor Natalio Fernández Marcos 
Professor Vinculado ad Honorem, CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales

Professor Meric Gertler 
President, University of Toronto

Dr Miltiades Hatzopoulos 
Emeritus Director of Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Professor Peter Katzenstein 
Walter S Carpenter Jr Professor of International Relations, Cornell University

Professor Christine Korsgaard 
Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University

Professor Michael Mann 
Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles; Honorary Professor, University of Cambridge

Professor Judith Olszowy-Schlanger 
Professor of Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic Manuscript Studies, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes

Professor Alexander Potts 
Max Loehr Collegiate Professor of History of Art, University of Michigan

Professor Simon Schama 
University Professor of History and Art History, Columbia University

Professor Elizabeth Spelke 
Marshall L Berkman Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Professor Jane Stapleton 
R esarch Professor of Law, College of Law, Australian National University; Ernest E Smith Professor of Law, University of Texas

Professor Alain Supiot 
Professor, Chaire État social et mondialisation, Collège de France, Paris

Professor André Vauchez
Emeritus Professor of History of the Middle Ages, University of Paris-Ouest-Nanterre; Former Director of the Ecole Française de Rome

Professor Jane Waldfogel 
Compton Foundation Centennial Professor of Social Work, Columbia University School of Social Work; Visiting Professor, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), London School of Economics

Honorary Fellows

Dame Lynne Brindley DBE, FRSA
Master of Pembroke College, Oxford

Dame Carol Ann Duffy DBE, FRSL
Professor of Contemporary Poetry and Creative Director of the Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University; Poet Laureate

Sir John Eliot Gardiner CBE
Founder and Artistic Director, Monteverdi Choir, Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique and English Baroque Soloists; President, Bach-Archiv Leipzig

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