Mid-Career Fellowships awarded to public engagement champions

14 Aug 2017

The British Academy has awarded Mid-Career Fellowships to 47 outstanding researchers who will promote public understanding and engagement in the humanities and social sciences.

Mid-Career Fellowships allow academics to focus on a major piece of research and to communicate their work to a wider audience, by obtaining time away from teaching and administration commitments.

The new Mid-Career Fellows are recognised as excellent communicators and ‘champions’ in their field, as well as for their distinguished publication record. Award holders are typically within 15 years of their doctorate.

This year the British Academy has appointed 47 new Mid-Career Fellows, whose research areas span the humanities and social sciences. They include:

  • CHILD | DATA | CITIZEN: Data Flows, Family Life and the Digital Profiling of Children,  Dr Veronica Barassi, Goldsmiths University of London

  • Respecting Private Rights, Pursuing Public Interests: Parliamentary Committees and Scrutiny of the Private Sector, Dr Lawrence McNamara, University of York

  • What the Audience Wants: Screen Culture and Race in Britain, 1918-1978, Dr Christine Grandy, University of Lincoln

  • Fractured Landscape: Hindutva, nation and identity in Northeast India, Dr Arkotong Longkumer, University of Edinburgh.

Mid-Career Fellows will take up their awards in autumn 2017 for a period of up to 12 months.

View a list of the Mid-Career Fellowships awarded in 2017.

Applications for Mid-Career Fellowships are now open for 2018. To find out more, visit


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