Funding announced for Official Development Assistance International Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2024

16 Apr 2024

A landscape with hills and agricultural fields in Rwanda

The British Academy is pleased to announce the successful applicants of the ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects programme 2024.

The programme supports international collaborations between early career researchers in the UK and early career researchers in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and/or Least Developed Countries on internationally focused ODA-eligible research projects of an interdisciplinary nature.

The 28 successful research projects supported under this programme bring together innovative, interdisciplinary, and international ideas from across the humanities and social sciences to offer valuable insights and perspectives on ODA-eligible research topics.

The awards provide opportunities for early career researchers based in the UK and internationally to lead and manage international interdisciplinary research projects and teams. The funded projects will advance the research field, knowledge exchange, practice and/or policy development in the awardees’ chosen areas of ODA-eligible research, whilst helping to develop ways of communicating and collaborating in cross-disciplinary and multilingual working environments.

The programme is funded by the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation & Technology. In addition, this fund has further funding from UK’s International Science Partnerships Fund managed by the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology. This additional funding is focused on enabling UK-based early career researchers to work with early career researchers in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, India, Israel and Canada.

Professor Simon Goldhill, Foreign Secretary and Vice-President of the British Academy, welcomed the announcement of this new cohort of award-holders, commenting:

"We are delighted to announce the new ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Project awards. These exciting 2-year programmes bring together international early career researchers across a wide range of disciplines to explore ODA-eligible research topics. Not only will the funding allow for advanced knowledge exchange and development in policy, but it also encourages new ways of communicating and collaborating in multilingual working."

The ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2024 awardees are:

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application.

Dr Laela Adamson

University of Strathclyde

Language(s), Capabilities and Humanisation in Higher Education in Tanzania and Kenya: Developing and applying a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, and contextually relevant framework

Dr Bayes Ahmed

University College London

Politics of Denial and Non-Recognition of Genocide

Dr Su Corcoran

Manchester Metropolitan University

Histories of Practice Za Kujiinua*: Co-designing across boundaries for youth resilience in Kenya

Dr Farah Al Taji,

Brunel University London

Doing Good, Growing Strong: Catalysing Economic and Social Impact in Jordan through Sustainable Social Enterprises.

Dr Archie Davies

Queen Mary University of London

Worlding Quilombo

Dr Katharina De Vita

University of Greenwich

Penang Living Lab for Advancing the Creative Economy (PLLACE)

Dr Ayako Ebata

Institute of Development Studies

Exploring Power Toward Sustainable Aquaculture Value Chains in Vietnam

Dr Ben Eyre

University of East Anglia

Enumerating development: how interdisciplinary perspectives on the treatment of research officers can improve data for social transformation

Dr Natasha Fothergill-Misbah

Newcastle University

A canvas for change: co-producing art to reduce the stigma of neurological disorders in Kenya

Dr Julian Hopwood

London School of Economics and Political Science

Sustainable tree use in Acholi, northern Uganda: A post-colonial approach to protecting an African community and environment

Dr Hannah Hughes

Aberystwyth University

Centring Climate Agreement-Making in and from the Amazon Rainforest

Dr Lilian Korir

University of Lincoln

Histories and futures of under-utilised crops ‘reimagined’

Dr Sarah Linn

Manchester Metropolitan University

Surfacing Zarqa: heritage, space and youth in Jordan’s industrial heartland

Dr Laura Martin

University of Nottingham

Women’s Rites: A Multidimensional Examination of Female Circumcision in Sierra Leone.

Dr Syafiq Mat Noor

University of Leeds

Voices of the rainforest: Co-creating a traditional ecological knowledge-based climate change curriculum framework with indigenous communities in Malaysia

Dr Caitlyn McGeer

Oxford University

Gender and Digital Repression: The Practice and Toll of Digital Repression on Women in the Authoritarian Turn

Dr Jamie Mcphie

University of Cumbria

Outdoor Tourism and the Changing Cultural Narratives in Vietnamese Ethnic Minority Communities

Dr Angela Minas

University of Manchester

Ahon: Stories and imaginaries of resilience and progress in a changing climate

Dr Mara Cristina Nogueira Teixeira

Birkbeck, University of London

Globalisation from below: livelihoods, trade and transnationalism in Brazil’s informal economy

Dr John Nott

University of Edinburgh

Population health in practice: towards a comparative historical ethnography of the Demographic Health Survey

Dr Naomi Pendle

University of Bath

Death during famine: the social and political meaning of deaths during famine

Dr Geetha Reddy

Open University

Exploring coloniality and precarity engagements amongst Urban-Poor Resilient Malaysian Indian Women (EXCAPE- URMI)

Dr Colin Reilly

University of Stirling

Multilingual markets: Investigating language skills for informal employment in Malawi

Dr Beate Ringwald

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Lok ber bedo study – A storytelling project with young people affected by conflict in Acholi sub-region, northern Uganda

Dr Zahratu Shabrina,

King’s College London

Empowering resilience in a sinking city: a Decision Support System (DSS) for participatory knowledge exchange, urban simulation, and modelling

Dr Holly Snape

University of Glasgow

Valuing Caregivers in Vietnam: A Comparative Law and Society Exploration of Methods for Supporting Vietnam’s Informal Care Sector

Dr Lauren Stentiford

University of Exeter

Disability Rights and In/Equalities in Higher Education

Dr Trang Vu

University of Southampton

Working as female entrepreneurs in the Global South. The gains, the losses and the future. Insights into the roles of culture, traditions, spirituality and relative geography.

The awards listed are those for the 2024 ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects awards. The full list of award announcements can be found on the ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects past awards page.

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