Business needs a radical overhaul, say British Academy Fellows touring UK

4 Feb 2019

Two Fellows of the British Academy are touring the country to make the case for a radical overhaul of business. 

Sir Paul Collier and Colin Mayer argue that we must re-think how business can meet 21st century environmental, social and economic demands, and the challenges of technological advances and globalisation.

The duo are tackling subjects including Brexit, the wealth gap between London and the rest of the UK, and how to restore the public’s trust in big business, before taking questions from the audience.

The events have been organised to road-test ideas developed though the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation programme.

In November last year, leaders from businesses as diverse as Unilever, McKinsey and Virgin, supported the Future of the Corporation’s statement that corporate change was needed and backed the forthcoming programme of research and engagement.

Colin Mayer, Future of the Corporation lead at the British Academy said:

“For too long the view has been held that, with the right rules, business and society’s interests can be aligned. But this is incomplete - a combination of market, government and regulatory failures have left a void between what markets achieve and what governments can correct. We all know that change is needed. Businesses can do better.

“That’s why we are delighted to be taking the ideas developed in collaboration with business leaders outside of the London and Southeast bubble. We are committed to this dialogue, but we cannot do it alone.”

The tour dates are:

  • 6 February 2019: Nottingham University

  • 14 March 2019: Cardiff University

  • 21 March 2019: Birmingham University

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