British Academy welcomes protection of UK science and research budget

26 Jun 2013

The British Academy today welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s spending review for 2015/16 which ring-fences the science and research budget within the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. 
Professor Sir Adam Roberts, President of the British Academy, said: “The government has recognised the strength of the case that has been made for sustaining investment in science and research. It is not despite the current economic climate, but precisely because of it, that this country needs to support its research capacity. Research across the full disciplinary spectrum contributes significantly to growth, to social well-being, and to the remarkable success of our universities in attracting students, academic staff and business partners not just from this country but around the world.”
In April, Sir Adam and the Presidents of the other national academies (the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering and Academy of Medical Sciences) released a joint statement ‘Fuelling Prosperity: Research and Innovation as Drivers of UK Growth and Competitiveness’, which highlighted the vital importance of maintaining a broad research base that is focussed on excellence.

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