British Academy urges next Government to help make UK the best place to do research and innovation

10 Feb 2015

The British Academy in partnership with its fellow national academies has published a statement urging the new Government to build on our strengths and help make the UK the best place in the world to do research and innovation. 'Building a Stronger Future' sets out what the next Government will need to do to ensure a strong research and innovation base that helps people in the UK lead healthier, fuller and better lives. 

The National Academies urge the next Government to adopt the following priorities in order to make the UK the location of choice for world class research, development and innovation:

•    Place research and innovation at the heart of plans for long-term economic growth. 
•    Secure prosperity by strengthening public investment in research and innovation.
•    Meet demand for research skills through a flexible and diverse workforce.
•    Strengthen policy by embedding expert advice across Government.

The statement calls on the next Government to create an environment that attracts more industrial and charitable investment in research and innovation, in addition to that from Government. It also emphasises the need for more teachers with specialist subject knowledge at all stages of education.

Read the Building a Stronger Future election statement. 

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