British Academy submits response on 'the Big Data Capability'

23 Sep 2015

This month the British Academy submitted a response on ‘the Big Data Capability’, an inquiry by the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee which aims to identify how much government is doing to support business to access the data revolution, and  in addition to this, issues relating to data protection and privacy.

Speaking on findings in the Academy’s Count Us In report, the submission outlines the potential economic prize awaiting the UK if government supports the use of data more widely in the UK, stating “between 2012 and 2017, 58,000 new jobs a year may be created in the UK in the big data marketplace.” The submission cautions, however, that whilst demand for highly quantitatively skilled professionals has increased, the supply of those individuals remains a challenge to the UK, due to a growing skills gap in quantitative skills, defined as the ability to reason using numbers.

To read the full submission click here

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