The British Academy submits feedback on Plan S Guidance

7 Feb 2019

On 7 February 2019, the British Academy submitted its feedback on ‘Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S’ to Science Europe:

A commentary from the British Academy on ‘Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S’

The document says that the ‘Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S’ (issued in November 2018) has not allayed the concerns that the British Academy had previously expressed about the principles of Plan S - rather, it has made the implementation of the plan more difficult to envisage. The document concludes:

‘The British Academy supports many of the aims expressed in Plan S. We have put forward our criticisms here in the hope that cOAlition S will rethink some of the rigid details of its planned requirements. We argue that many of these will not work in their present form for HSS researchers in particular, and that they risk creating a research landscape which is actually farther away from the stated aims of cOAlition S, rather than closer.’

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