British Academy submits evidence to the House of Commons Inquiry on leaving the EU

19 Aug 2016

The British Academy has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. A pdf of the submission is available here

On the submission, Professor Ash Amin CBE FBA, Foreign Secretary & Vice-President of the British Academy said:

“Following the referendum there is an urgent need to place the UK research environment back on a stable long-term path that equally supports the interconnected pillars of research innovation and excellence: people, collaboration and resources. In an advanced economy such as the UK these are key drivers of future prosperity and well-being, and it is crucial to invest in them at this time of threatened growth.

"The UK’s ability to influence the design, development and implementation of EU research and innovation programmes has been critical to the UK’s success. Opportunities to influence future EU research policies and practices should be essential considerations for the government in future negotiations.

"The loss of EU funding in the long-term is a major potential threat to UK universities, particularly for the valuable research being carried out in the humanities and social sciences. The only sensible way forward is for the government to ensure that UK researchers have access to the same level and type of funding currently available through the EU. This must be matched by a commitment to a significant rise in the UK’s public investment in scholarship, research and innovation.

Our attractiveness to overseas students and researchers is substantially supported by the UK’s EU membership. The current uncertainty is damaging our ability to attract the very best to the UK. This may well undermine our hard won international reputation, unless the government provides much needed security and confidence to researchers and students."


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