British Academy publishes illustrated book of Roman sculpture

1 May 2015

The British Academy has today published 'Roman Sculpture from London and the South East' by Penny Coombe, Francis Grew, Kevin Hayward and Martin Henig. It showcases a collection of over 200 stone and bronze works of art from over 30 institutions, private collections and archaeological units gathered together for the first time. 

This book contains an illustrated full catalogue of Roman sculpture from London and the South East, with detailed descriptions and current locations.

Highlights include marble figures of gods such as Mithras, Serapis, Minerva, Bacchus and Mercury, and busts of the emperor Pertinax and his father. The book also contains sculptures from the Temple of Mithras in London, the famous head of Hadrian from the Thames (one of only three bronze statues of Hadrian from the entire Roman world). Little-known items such as the marble torso of an athlete, the mutilated bust of Geta and the fluted sarcophagus from Englefield Green, are discussed at length and reflect entirely new research in both iconography and provenance.

You can watch a short video about Roman Sculpture from London and the South East and find out more about the book on the British Academy blog

The book is available to buy from Oxford University Press

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