British Academy publishes biographical memoirs of two deceased Fellows

18 Jul 2016

The British Academy has published online open-access memoirs of two deceased Fellows: James Durbin and Anthony Hobson (right).

Anthony Hobson

James Durbin (1923-2012) was an economist at LSE whose research in Statistics and Econometrics covered a wide range of topics, including time series analysis, sample survey methodology, goodness-of-fit tests, probability theory, simultaneous equations models and the philosophy of statistics.

Anthony Hobson (1921-2014) was a book historian in charge of the book department at Sotheby’s, and an authority on bindings of the 15th to 19th centuries.

Since its earliest years, the British Academy has published extended obituaries (memoirs) of deceased Fellows of the British Academy. Collectively the biographical memoirs of the British Academy make up a chapter in the intellectual history of Britain, and are used as a source by biographers and historians.

For more information and to download the memoirs, see the British Academy Biographical Memoirs page.

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