British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowships awarded to 14 overseas researchers

14 Sep 2018

Exploring the relationship between Turkey and Europe after the failed coup of 2016, investigating how creative industries can deliver sustainable development in Brazil, and understanding the social impact of narratives on public policy and justice in Mexico; the British Academy has announced funding for 14 outstanding overseas researchers to work on research projects with UK partners.

The funding, worth around £834,195.81 in total, has been allocated under the Newton Advanced Fellowships funding scheme.

Newton Advanced Fellowships provide early to mid-career international researchers with an opportunity to develop their research strengths and capabilities through training, collaboration and visits with a partner in the UK. The aim is to support the development of a research community who can contribute to advancing the economic development and social welfare of the partner country.

The scheme helps to establish long-term links between the best research groups and networks in partner countries and the UK to ensure that improvements in research capacity are sustainable in the longer term.

The full list of award-winners is:

  • Professor Emma Baysal – Building Capacity for Sustainable Archaeological Science and Heritage in Turkey (Trakya University – University of Nottingham)

  • Professor Vachararutai Boontinand – Philosophical Enquiry as a Pedagogy for Teaching Critical Thinking and Democratic Citizenship in Higher Education (Mahidol University – University of Sheffield)

  • Dr Scott Haddow – Scratching the Surface: A Bioarchaeological Study of Funerary Practices and Emergent Social Complexity in the Neolithic Near East (Koç University – University of Liverpool)

  • Professor Theodore Haupt – Harmonisation of Construction Health and Safety Practices and Compliance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) (Mangosuthu University of Technology – London South Bank University)

  • Professor Alper Kaliber – Facing Threats to Democracy Under Conditions of Emergency: Understanding Post-Failed Coup Turkey and its Relations with Europe (Altinbas University – Univeristy of Birmingham)

  • Professor Luciana Marques Vieira – Business as Usual? The Complex Role of the Private Sector in Tackling Food and Nutrition Security (Fundacao Getulio Vargas – Kings College London)

  • Professor Veli Mitova – Epistemic Injustice, Reasons, and Agency (University of Johannesburg – University of Kent)

  • Professor Fabio Miessi Sanches – Semiparametric Estimation of Ascending Auctions with Risk Averse Sellers (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – University of Surrey)

  • Professor Rabia Polat – Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Understanding Local Government Responses (Isik University – University of Birmingham)

  • Dr Gonzalo Soltero – The Social Impact of Narratives: Narrative Construction of Social Problems, Public Policy and Justice in Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico – Univeristy of Warwick)

  • Professor Sirijit Sunanta – Selling ‘Thai-ness’ to Westerners: the Social and Development Impacts of Marketing ‘Thai-ness’ on Entrepreneurs and People Who Work in the Small-scale Service Sector (Mahidol University – University of Sussex)

  • Professor Evren Turkmenoglu – Digital Recording and Hull Modelling of Archaeological Ships (Istanbul University – University of Wales, Trinity St David)

  • Professor Emek Usenmez – Knowledge Sharing in Turkish Health Forums: Developing a Decision Support System to Tackle the Epidemic Dissemination of Pseudo-scientific Claims (Istanbul University – Middlesex University)

  • Professor Leandro Valiati – Counting Culture: What Do We Need to Know About How the Creative Industries Can Deliver Equitable, Just and Sustainable Development in Brazil and the UK? (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – Queen Mary University of London).

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