British Academy evidence quoted in House of Lords' European Union Select Committee report 'Brexit: devolution'

20 Jul 2017

The British Academy’s evidence has been quoted in 'Brexit: devolution', a report published by the House of Lords’ European Union Select Committee.

The report highlights the Academy’s evidence in terms of the impact Brexit will have on agriculture, the energy market, the fishing industry, the position of cross-border workers and access to migrant labour.

The British Academy also argued that, while the UK had ruled out 'special status' if that meant Northern Ireland remaining in the EU, other options were possible, including "an off-the-peg 'solution'", such as Northern Ireland membership of the EEA, or a "bespoke 'solution'", in which each of the issues arising would be negotiated from scratch, with Northern Ireland allowed different rules from the rest of the UK.

Meanwhile, the British Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh identified a variety of issues in relation to Scotland, and particularly the Scottish Government’s own proposals related to Brexit, including the potential need for different rules governing the treatment of goods entering the UK from EU Member States, depending on whether they were destined for Scotland or for England and Wales.

Read the European Union Committee report 'Brexit: devolution' here.

Read the British Academy's submission to the House of Lords EU Select Committee inquiry on 'Brexit: devolution' here.

Find out more about the British Academy's work concerning the European Union here.

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