British Academy awards Postdoctoral Fellowships to 53 talented early career academics

12 Jul 2019

Investigating the future of work in the digital platform economy, exploring humour in early modern print culture, and examining the so-called ‘death’ of political parties; the British Academy has awarded Postdoctoral Fellowships to 53 outstanding early career scholars across the UK.

The Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme is the Academy’s flagship programme for early career academics, based at universities around the UK.

The three-year Fellowships enable outstanding early career scholars to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment. The primary emphasis is on completing a significant piece of publishable research, giving award holders a base on which to build a successful academic career.

Chief Executive of the British Academy, Robin Jackson, said:

“We are delighted to welcome this new cohort of Postdoctoral Fellows to the Academy; competition for these awards is always keen, and I congratulate them on their success.

“Providing support for the next generation of researchers is a major priority for the British Academy, and our flagship Postdoctoral Fellowships scheme is a vital part of that endeavour. By providing the very best early career academics with three years funding for their research and development needs, the Postdoctoral Fellowships scheme helps them to deliver outstanding work while also boosting their skills, knowledge and confidence.

“We wish the Postdoctoral Fellows every success and look forward to seeing the results of their work.”

Some of the projects include:

  • iWork: Investigating the Future of Work and Organizing in the Digital Platform Economy – Dr Greetje Corporaal (University of Oxford)

  • Food Justice and Animals: Feeding the World Respectfully – Dr Josh Milburn (University of Sheffield)

  • What Makes Science (un)popular: A Sociological Study of Changing Views of Science in the UK – Dr Plamena Panayotova (University of Edinburgh)

  • Who Watches the Watchmen? Local News and Police Behaviour in the United States – Dr Arianna Ornaghi (University of Warwick)

  • Writing the Medieval Welsh World – Dr Rebecca Thomas (Bangor University)

  • Staging Italy: The Theatrical Imagination in the Italian Peninsula 183701871 – Dr Ditlev Rindom (King’s College London)

  • Foreign Sounds: Musical Life in Jewish Scotland, 1880-1950 – Dr Philip Alexander (University of Glasgow)

  • Rumours of the Death of Political Parties Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – Dr Leah Trueblood (University of Oxford)

  • Promoting Children’s Positive Attitudes Towards Pro-Environmental Behaviours: Encouraging Understanding, Agency and Motivation Through Gamebooks – Dr Jonathan Halls (University of Nottingham).

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