British Academy awards over £1.6 million to support international research under Newton International Fellowships scheme

4 Nov 2022

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The British Academy has awarded over £1.6 million to 14 talented overseas researchers which will enable them to pursue postdoctoral research at a UK university. Projects funded by this round of the Newton International Fellowships scheme will support new research into a wide range of topics, from humour in the face of fascism to social learning and tool-use in savanna chimpanzees.

The Newton International Fellowships scheme contributes to the establishment of new international research links and is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The Fellowships are worth up to a total of £119,250 each – including relocation costs – and enable talented early career researchers from any country overseas to work for two years at a UK institution of their choice.

The full list of 2022 Newton International Fellowship recipients is published online. Examples include:

  • Dr Benedetta Luciana Sara Carnaghi (Durham University) – “Making Fun of the Fascists: Humour Against the Leader Cult in Italy, France, and Germany, 1922–1945”
  • Dr Nadezhda Mamontova (University of Birmingham) – “‘Soviet Underground’: The Geopower, Resource-Making, and Relational Ontologies of Volumetric Cartography in the Arctic”
  • Dr Taarini Mookherjee (Queen’s University Belfast) – “Shakespeare, India, Diaspora”
  • Dr Luciana Mabel Cordo Russo (University of Bristol) – “Charlemagne in Wales: The Transmission, Reception, and Translation of Charlemagne Narratives in Medieval Wales”
  • Dr Liran Samuni (University of St Andrews) – “Chimpanzee Cultures: social learning and tool-use flexibility in savanna chimpanzees”
  • Dr Simone Toji (University of Sheffield) – “Reconsidering urban narratives in Brazil: Central areas in São Paulo as problems and potentialities”

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