British Academy announces Mid-Career Fellowships for 2016

6 Sep 2016

The British Academy is pleased to announce the new Mid-Career Fellowship awards in the humanities and social sciences, to be taken up in autumn 2016.


Mid-Career Fellowships support outstanding individual researchers with excellent research proposals, and promote public understanding and engagement with humanities and social sciences.

The aim of the scheme is to allow outstanding academics time to focus on a major piece of research, by obtaining time away from teaching and administration commitments. Mid-Career Fellows are required to demonstrate a commitment to public engagement and to communicate their project to a broad audience.

The awards are intended primarily to provide opportunities for scholars who have already established a significant track record as an excellent communicator and ‘champion’ in their field, and who are normally within no more than 15 years from the award of their doctorate.

This year the British Academy has awarded 35 new Mid-Career Fellowships, whose research areas span the humanities and social sciences, including sociology, languages, business and history.

The research undertaken by Mid-Career Fellows will contribute to tackling some of the most pressing national and international challenges. Projects include:

  • Predicting the growth of Islamic State online, Dr Laura Smith, University of Bath

  • Environmental activism within energy companies, Dr Steffen Boehm, University of Exeter

  • Living together: working life, love and labour in multi-cultural England 1870-1919, Dr Caroline Bressey, University College London

  • Trust is Good, Control is Better: Parliament and the Coalition Government, 2010-15, Dr Shane Martin, University of Essex.

A full list of the Mid-Career Fellowships awarded for 2016 can be seen here.

Further information about the most recent Mid-Career Fellowships is available on the British Academy website:


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