British Academy announces Energy and Environment Debates

3 Sep 2015

The British Academy has announced the fourth series of British Academy Debates to be held in autumn 2015 on energy and the envrionment.

These free events will bring together academics, experts and leading figures including Lord Nicholas Stern (President of the British Academy and Chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate change), Dr Jane Davidson (former Minister for Environment and Sustainability in Wales and Ed Davey (former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change). Together they will explore energy and environment challenges, such as:


  • What trade-offs need to be made between the costs and benefits of different methods of addressing the problems?

  • Beyond any engineering solutions, there are economic, political and cultural barriers to changing the way we currently access and use energy; how can these be addressed?

  • How can we meet the great challenge of enabling societies to continue to prosper whilst reducing the economic and environmental costs?


All events are in partnership with the Royal Society, and are supported by The Climate Change Collaboration. The British Academy Debates will take place in London (22 September and 24 November), Swansea (14 October) and Edinburgh (4 November).

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