The British Academy announces eight Newton Mobility Grants for international researchers

15 Jan 2019

Examining the role of social capital among entrepreneurs in marginalised communities in South Africa, identifying determinants of school performance and education inequality in Mexico, and exploring filmic representations of trauma, justice and reconciliation; the British Academy has announced funding for international researchers to collaborate with UK academics on outstanding research projects.

Altogether, the Academy has awarded £80,000 to eight research projects. The awards comprise the latest round of the British Academy Newton Mobility Grants scheme.

Newton Mobility Grants provide support for international researchers based in a country covered by the Newton Fund to establish and develop collaboration with UK researchers around a specific research project.

The aim of these one-year awards is to strengthen the research capacity of, and contribute, to promoting economic development and social welfare in the partner country, while supporting excellent research. The awards will also initiate the development of longer-term links between the overseas and UK researchers.

Awards include a range of related activities, but mobility (in the form of visits and exchanges, etc.) forms an integral part of proposals.

The full list of award-winners is:

  • The illumination of the child protection framework in the United Kingdom to Chinese child protection policies and practices – Xiang Gao (China), Peking University – Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Strategic insider trading: A balancing act between information flows and trading competition – Dingwei Gu (China), Fudan University - University of Bath

  • Determinants of school performance and education inequality in Mexico: Lessons we can learn from the baseline of the longitudinal study of child development in Aguascalientes (EDNA) – Alfonso Miranda (Mexico), Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) – University of Dundee

  • Variation in Sesotho and Setswana as spoken in the Free State – Kristina Riedel (South Africa), University of the Free State – University of Essex

  • The role of social capital among entrepreneurs in marginalised communities in South Africa – Mamamelela Matlhako (South Africa), University of Fort Hare – University of Essex

  • Complex interventions for adolescent mental health and well-being in South Africa: Capacity building for efficacy – Sarah Skeen (South Africa), Stellenbosch University - Cardiff University

  • Transition towards circular agri-food systems in Thailand: Multi-stakeholders perspectives – Pichawadee Kittipanya-ngam (Thailand), Thammasat University – University of Liverpool

  • Filmic representations of trauma, justice and reconciliation: A comparative exploration of research methodologies in Turkish and Northern Irish film studies and practices – Hulya Adak (Turkey), Sabanci University - University of Ulster.

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