British Academy and Wolfson Foundation announce Research Professors

4 Dec 2013

The British Academy and the Wolfson Foundation have announced the appointment of four new Research Professors, who take up their awards this autumn. The appointment of Professors Sheilagh Ogilvie, Alan Williams, Nicholas Cook and Peter Wade were celebrated at a public reception last night. These outstanding scholars, leaders in their fields, have been recognised for the quality of the research they proposed, and will be working on their research projects over the coming three years.

New insights are expected into the development of the European economy in the 17th to 19th centuries, and the role that human capital played in this, from the work of Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie.

Professor Alan Williams will use his project to increase prominence among modern audiences of one of the most celebrated literary and mystical works of all Islamic culture, the Masnavi of Rumi.

The function of music in creating relationships among those who participate in it, for example through the use of music therapy, will form the focus of Professor Nicholas Cook’s project to show how the social is inscribed within the musical in musicology.

Professor Peter Wade’s research on race, nation and genomics will help to bring new understanding to notions of identity, citizenship, well-being and discrimination.

Dr Robin Jackson, Chief Executive at The British Academy, said: "The British Academy greatly values its continued partnership with the Wolfson Foundation. The four new British Academy/Wolfson Research Professors put forward outstanding research proposals in order to win selection. I am confident that they will make a distinguished contribution to research and further enhance the reputation of this prestigious scheme."

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation said: "We are delighted to be supporting four new British Academy/Wolfson Professorships in partnership with the British Academy. Each recipient is an outstanding researcher tackling an important subject. It is heartening that, despite current pressures on the humanities and social sciences, British academics continue to produce research of this calibre.

To find out more visit the Wolfson Research Professorships page.

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