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Warton Lectures on English Poetry

In 1910 Mrs Frida Mond established ‘the nucleus of a fund which may hereafter be enlarged, to be devoted to the furtherance of research and criticism, historical, philological, and philosophical, in the various branches of English Literature’. One fruit of the fund was the foundation of this lecture series – named after Thomas Warton, ‘the first historian of English poetry’. The lecture was first delivered in 1910.

List of Warton Lectures delivered since 1960.
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2019 The piston and the pen: poetry and the Victorian industrial worker by Kirstie Blair (text | audio)

2017  The determination of love, by Andrea Brady (text | audio)

2015  Natural mysticism: Reggae and Caribbean poetics, by Kwame Dawes (video)

2013  Poetry and Rivers, by Hugh Haughton (video)

2011  Many-Coloured Glass, Aerial Images, and the Work of the Lens: Romantic Poetry and Optical Culture, by Isobel Armstrong (text | audio)

2010  ‘The Reason of this Preference’: Sleeping, Flowing and Freezing in Pope’s Dunciad, by Valerie Rumbold (text | audio)

2009  T. S. Eliot’s Daughter, by Robert Crawford (text | audio)

2008  Wordsworth and the Druids, by Matthew Campbell (text)

2007  ‘We keep the bread and wine for show’ - Consistent Irony and Reluctant Faith in the Poetry of Dannie Abse, by Tony Curtis (text)

2006  ‘Now Shall I Make My Soul’: Approaching Death in Yeats’s Life and Work, by R F Foster (text | audio)

2005  The Child in Poetry: Foundlings, Lostlings, Changelings, by Margaret Reynolds (text)

2004  Dulness and Pope, by David Womersley (text)

2003  Voicing medieval English poetry, by Christopher Page (event information)

2002  Elegies of Form in Bishop, Plath, Stevenson, by Angela Leighton (text)

2001  Poetry against Empire: Milton to Shelley, by Karen O’Brien (text)

2000   Wallace Stevens: Hypotheses and Contradictions, by Helen Vendler (text)

1999   Two Political Poems: Marvell’s ‘Horatian Ode’ and Yeats’ ‘No Second Troy’, by A D Nuttall (text)

1998  Isaac Rosenberg, 1890–1918, by Geoffrey Hill (text)

1997  The Poetry of the Caroline Court, by Thomas N Corns (text)

1996  Coleridge’s New Poetry, by J C C Mays (text)

1995  Edward Thomas, Robert Frost and the Uses of Negation, by Gerald Hammond (text)

1994  Pope and Slavery, by Howard Erskine-Hill (text)

1992  Manderley Revisited: Rebecca and the English Country House, by Malcolm Kelsall (text)

1991  Recording Angels and Answering Machines, by Peter Porter (text)

1990  Basil Bunting and his Masters, by Donald Davie (text)

1989  Keats’s ‘Robin Hood’, John Hamilton Reynolds, and the ‘Old Poets’, by John Barnard (text)

1988  English Poetry and Emphatical Language, by J H Prynne (text)

1988  Poetry Unbound? Observations on Free Verse, by Derek Attridge (text)

1986  Wordsworth’s ‘Grand Design’, by Alan G Hill (text)

1985  Sacred Earth: Metaphysical Poetry and the Advance of Science, by A J Smith (text)

1984  The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins: ‘Catching the Demi-Urge in the Act’, by Graham Storey (text)

1983  Johnson’s Poetry, by J D Fleeman (text)

1982  George Crabbe, by Arthur Pollard (text)

1981  Three Poetical Prayer-Makers of the Island of Britain, by Gwyn Jones (text)

1980  Robert Herrick, by Alastair Fowler (text)

1979  ‘Where are they?’: The After-life of a Figure of Speech, by J S Cunningham (text)

1978  The Place of James Thomson, by D W Jefferson

1977  Provenance and Problematics of ‘Sublime and Alarming Images’ in Poetry, by Edwin Morgan (text)

1976  Waste Land, Holy Land, by Kathleen Raine (text)

1975  Marvell: A Great Master of Words, by Elsie Duncan-Jones (text)

1974  Burns and the Peasantry, 1785, by James Kinsley (text)

1973  The Poetry of William Collins, by Arthur Johnston (text)

1972  The Figure in a Landscape: Wordsworth’s Early Poetry, by Roger Sharrock (text)

1971  Browning’s Lyricism, by Rachel Trickett (text)

1970  The Poetry of Lord Byron, by John Buxton (text)

1969  The Poetic Powers of Repetition, by Kathleen Lea (text)

1968  Alexander Scott and Scottish Court Poetry of the Middle Sixteenth Century, by John Macqueen (text)

1967  Robert Browning, by Ian Jack (text)

1966  ‘The Common Privileges of Poetry’, by Winifred Nowottny (text)

1965  W. B. Yeats and the Poetry of War, by T R Henn (text)

1964  The Study of Form and the Renewal of Poetry, by F T Prince

1963  The Interpenetration of Man and Nature, by Kathleen Coburn

1962  Spenser and the Allegorists, by J F Kermode

1961  Some Themes and Variations in the Poetry of Andrew Marvell, by J B Leishman

1960  Great Poetry, by John Sparrow