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Shakespeare Lectures

In 1910 Mrs Frida Mond established ‘the nucleus of a fund which may hereafter be enlarged, to be devoted to the furtherance of research and criticism, historical, philological, and philosophical, in the various branches of English Literature’. One fruit of the fund was the foundation of this lecture series – on ‘some Shakespearean subject, philosophical, historical, or philological, or some problem in English dramatic literature and histrionic art, or some study in literature of the age of Shakespeare’. The lecture was first delivered in 1911.

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2018  Shakespeare and the wandering mind, Raphael Lyne (text | audio)

2016  The Shakespearean unscene: Sexual phantasies in A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, by Lorna Hutson (text | audio)

2014  Time for Shakespeare: Hourglasses, sundials, clocks, and early modern theatre, by Tiffany Stern (text | audio with slides)

2012  Shakespeare and the Reformation, by Brian Cummings (text | audio)

2011  Audience-Actor Boundaries and Othello, by Laurie Maguire (text | audio)

2010  ‘Enter Caelia, the Fairy Queen in her Night Attire’: Shakespeare and the Fairies, by Michael Hattaway (audio)

2009  Shakespeare, Oaths and Vows, by John Kerrigan (text | audio)

2008  Was Shakespeare an Essex Man? by Jonathan Bate (text)

2007  Hamlet’s Two Fathers, by David Bevington (text)

2006  Shakespeare, Jonson and the Invention of the Author, by Ian Donaldson (text)

2005  Staging Matters: Shakespeare, the Director, and the Theatre Historian, by Alan C Dessen (text)

2004  Barnardine’s Straw: The Devil in Shakespeare’s Detail, by Michael Pennington (text)

2003  The Foundations of Shakespeare's Text, by H R Woudhuysen (text)

2002  Shakespeare and the Anagram, by Christopher Ricks (text)

2001  A World Elsewhere: Shakespeare’s Sense of an Exit, by Richard Wilson (text)

2000   Beginning in the Middle, by Peter Holland (text)

1999   Macbeth and the Third Person, by Adrian Poole (text)

1998   Servant Obedience and Master Sins: Shakespeare and the Bonds of Service, by Michael Neill (text)

1997   Shakespeare's Peculiarity, by Graham Bradshaw (text)

1996  Traps and Discoveries at the Globe, by Andrew Gurr (text)

1995  Shakespeare’s Renaissance Realism, by Alastair Fowler (text)

1994  Violence and Sensationalism in the Plays of Shakespeare and other Dramatists, by John Russell Brown (text)

1993  Disintegration Once More, by Frank Kermode (text)

1992  Shakespearian Consolations, by Brian Vickers (text)

1991  Parks and Ardens, by Anne Barton (text)

1990  The Fatness of Falstaff: Shakespeare and Character, by Barbara Everett (text)

1989  Jacobean Playwrights and ‘Judicious’ Spectators, by Leo Salingar (text)

1988  Hamlet: Conversations with the Dead, by A D Nuttall (text)

1987  Tales from Shakespeare, by Stanley Wells (text)

1986  The Corridors of History: Shakespeare the Re-maker, by Giorgio Melchiori (text)

1985  The Reign of King Edward the Third (1596) and Shakespeare, by Richard Proudfoot (text)

1984  The Dramatic Structure of Shakespeare’s King Henry the Eighth: An Essay in Rehabilitation, by Glynne Wickham (text)

1983  Shakespeare’s Liars, by Inga-Stina Ewbank (text)

1982  The First West End Comedy, by Emrys Jones (text)

1981  Shakespeare’s Mingled Yarn and ‘Measure for Measure’, by E A J Honigmann (text)

1980  ‘Forms to his Conceit’: Shakespeare and the Uses of Stage Illusion, by R A Foakes (text)

1979  ‘I Know When One is Dead, and When One Lives’, by T W Craik (text)

1978  The Tempest: What Sort of Play? by Harold F Brooks (text)

1977  Shakespeare and Baroque Art, by Nicholas Brooke (text)

1976  ‘Upon Such Sacrifices’, by Philip Brockbank (text)

1975  A Portrait of the Artist as Proteus, by Michel Grivelet (text)

1974  Measure for Measure: The Play and the Themes, by J C Maxwell (text)

1973  Shakespeare’s Tragic Fiction, by Clifford Leech (text)

1972  Unblotted Lines: Shakespeare at Work, by M M Mahood (text)

1971  Shakespeare’s Lofty Scene, by J I M Stewart (text)

1970  Person and Office in Shakespeare’s Plays, by Philip Edwards (text)

1969  Shakespeare Without Words, by Alfred Harbage (text)

1968  Shakespeare’s Histories and ‘The Emotion of Multitude’, by A R Humphreys (text)

1967  Othello and Colour Prejudice, by G K Hunter (text)

1966  Past and Future in Shakespeare’s Drama, by Wolfgang Clemen (text)

1965  Shakespeare’s Primitive Art, by M C Bradbrook (text)

1964  Shakespeare the Elizabethan, by Geoffrey Bullough

1963  Hamlet and Ophelia, by Harold Jenkins

1962  Shakespeare’s Comic Insight, by Mary Lascelles

1961  Shakespeare and the Players, by Richard David

1960  Edward Capell and his Edition of Shakespeare, by Alice Walker

1959  The Tyranny of Shakespeare, by T J B Spencer

1958  Shakespeare and the Tragic Pattern, by Kenneth Muir

1957  Shakespeare’s Politics: With Some Reflections on the Nature of Tradition, by L C Knights

1955  The Noble Moor, Helen Gardner

1954  Language and Poetry in Shakespeare’s Early Plays, by Gladys D Willcock 

1953  Shakespeare's Earliest Years in the Theatre, by J Isaacs 

1952  Co-operation in Shakespearian Scholarship, by Allardyce Nicoll

1951  Shakespeare’s Poetic Energy, by George Rylands

1950  The Emergence of Shakespeare’s Tragedy, by H V D Dyson

1949  Shakespeare in Spain, by Henry Thomas

1948  Shakespeare the Dramatist, by U Ellis-Fermor

1947  Shakespeare and the Termers, by G M Young

1946  The Golden World of ‘King Lear’, by Geoffrey L Bickersteth

1945  Shakespeare’s Punctuation, by P Alexander

1944  Shakespeare’s Audience, by H S Bennett

1943  Aspects of Classical Legend and History in Shakespeare, by F S Boas

1942  Hamlet: The Prince or the Poem? by C S Lewis

1941  Shakespeare and the Diction of Common Life, by F P Wilson

1940  On Reading Shakespeare, by M R Ridley 

1939  ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as an Experimental Tragedy, by H B Charlton;

1938  The Baroque Character of the Elizabethan Tragic Hero, by Levin Ludwig Schucking

1937  The Jacobean Shakespeare and ‘Measure for Measure’, by R W Chambers

1936  Style in Shakespeare, by Oliver Elton

1935  The Theme of Revenge in Elizabethan Tragedy, by Percy Simpson 

1934  The Mythical Sorrows of Shakespeare, by C J Sisson

1933  The Treatment of Shakespeare’s Text by his Earlier Editors, 1709-1768, by Ronald B McKerrow

1932  Paternity in Shakespeare, by Arthur Quiller-Couch

1931  Shakespeare’s Iterative Imagery, by Caroline F E Spurgeon

1930  A Plea for the Liberty of Interpreting, by Lascelles Abercrombie 

1929  The Elizabethan Shakespeare, by J Dover Wilson

1928  Principles of Emendation in Shakespeare, by W W Greg

1927  Shakespeare in America, by Ashley Thorndike 

1926  The Bacchic Element in Shakespeare’s Plays, by Emile Legouis

1925  From Henry V to Hamlet, by Harley Granville-Barker

1924  The Disintegration of Shakespeare, by E K Chambers

1923  The Foundations of Shakespeare’s Texts, by Alfred Pollard

1922  The Merchant of Venice, by I Gollancz

1921  Shakespeare, by John Masefield 

1920  Shakespeare’s Race Ideal, by Frank Benson

1919  Shakespeare and the Makers of Virginia, by A W Ward

1918  Shakespeare and England, by Walter Raleigh

1917  The Character of Shakespeare, by H C Beeching

1916  Shakespeare after Three Hundred Years, by J W Mackail

1915  Shakespeare and the Italian Renaissance, by Sidney Lee

1914  Hamlet and Orestes: A Study in Traditional Types, by Gilbert Murray 

1913  Shakespeare and Germany, by Alois Brandl

1912  Coriolanus, by A C Bradley

1911  ‘What to Expect of Shakespeare’, by J J Jusserand