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Chatterton Lectures on Poetry

The Chatterton Lecture is given by an early career scholar, on the life and works of a deceased poet who had written in the English language. The lecture series was established through a bequest from E H W Meyerstein, and named after the poet Thomas Chatterton. It was first delivered in 1955.

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2018  ‘I should want nothing more’: Edward Thomas and simplicity, by Guy Cuthbertson (text | audio)

2016  Elizabeth Melville and the poetics of desire in early modern Britain, by Kylie Murray (audio)

2014  ‘Curse, bless, me now’: Dylan Thomas and Saunders Lewis, by Tudur Hallam (text | audio)

2012  Edward Lear’s lines of flight, Matthew Bevis (text | video)

2011  Pope’s Ethical Thinking: Passion and Irony in Dialogue, by Christopher Tilmouth (text | audio)

2010  ‘Where the Night Still Hangs Like a Half-Folded Bat’: The Poetry of D.H. Lawrence, by Santanu Das (text | audio)

2009  Donne, By Hand, by Tom Lockwood (text | audio)

2008  Auden Unparadized, by Seamus Perry (text | audio)

2007  ‘But I, that knew what harbred in that hed’: Sir Thomas Wyatt and his Posthumous ‘Interpreters’, by Cathy Shrank (text)

2006  A. E. Housman's Rejected Addresses, by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst (text | audio)

2005  Byron, Conversation and Discord, by Jane Stabler (text)

2004  Robert Graves and The White Goddess, by Fran Brearton (text | audio)

2003  Michael Drayton’s Brilliant Career, by Andrew Hadfield (text | audio)

2002  Robert Burns and British Poetry, by Murray G H Pittock (text)

2001  ‘I see men as trees suffering’: The Vision of Keith Douglas, by Tim Kendall (text)

2000  Waiting for God: John Milton's Poems of 1671, by Margaret Kean (text)

1999  ‘Trafficking with Merchants for His Soul’: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Among the Aesthetes, by Josephine M Guy (text)

1998  ‘Courtesie is fatal’: The Civil and Visionary Poetics of Andrew Marvell, by Nigel Smith (text)

1997  Life and Work in Shakespeare’s Poems, by Colin Burrow (text)

1996  Yeats and Remorse, by Peter McDonald (text)

1995  ‘Servant, but not Slave’: Ben Jonson at the Jacobean Court, by Martin Butler (text)

1994  ‘The glow-worm’s 96 per cent efficiency’: Hugh MacDiarmid’s Poetry of Knowledge, by Robert Crawford (text)

1992  Dryden’s Past, by Eric Griffiths (text)

1991  Edmund Spenser, Poet of Exile, by Richard A McCabe (text)

1990  Edmund Spenser: Art and The Faerie Queene, by Michael Leslie (text)

1989  Protestant Magic: W. B. Yeats and the Spell of Irish History, by R F Foster (text)

1988  Thomas Carew, by John Kerrigan (text)

1987  Whitman: The Civil War Poems, by D R Karlin (text)

1986  From Medieval to Renaissance? Chaucer’s Position on Past Gentility, by A J Minnis (text)

1985  Richard Lovelace and the Uses of Obscurity, by Gerald Hammond (text)

1984  Elizabeth Bishop, by Andrew Motion (text)

1983  The Bravery of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, by Elizabeth Cook (text)

1982  Yeats’s Late Plays: ‘A High Grave Dignity and Strangeness’, by Richard Allen Cave (text)

1981  The Fabric of Dryden’s Verse, by Richard Luckett (text)

1980  Philip Sidney’s Toys, by Katherine Duncan-Jones (text)

1979  Poetry and the Computer: Some Quantitative Aspects of the Style of Sylvia Plath, by C S Butler (text)

1978  Kipling’s Magic Art, by Jacqueline S Bratton (text)

1977  T. S. Eliot: Language, Sincerity and the Self, by John Casey (text)

1976  Carving Trifles: William King’s Imitation of Horace, by John Fuller (text)

1975  The Poetry of the Early Waverley Novels, by Claire Lamont (text)

1974  The Fire i’ the Flint: Reflections on the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Seamus Heaney (text)

1973  The Poetry of Thomas Gray: Versions of the Self, by Roger Lonsdale (text)

1972  Donne: A London Poet, by Barbara Everett (text)

1971  The Performance of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, by Nigel Alexander (text)

1970  Wilfred Owen, by Jon Stallworthy (text)

1969  William Wordsworth 1770–1969, by Jonathan Wordsworth (text)

1968  Pope and Dulness, by Emrys Jones (text)

1967  John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, by Anne Righter (text)

1966  Tennyson’s Methods of Composition, by Christopher Ricks (text)

1965  Some Aspects of Kipling’s Verse, by Andrew Rutherford (text)

1964  Milton, Lost and Regained, by John Beer

1963  W. B. Yeats: Poet and Crank, by Laurence Lerner

1962  Keats and Reality, by John Bayley

1961  The Poetry of Sir Walter Scott, by Donald Davie

1960  Oliver St. John Gogarty, by A Norman Jeffares

1959  Gerard Manley Hopkins: an Idiom of Desperation, by John Wain

1958  Skelton, by John Holloway

1957  Byron as Poet, by W W Robson

1956  Keith Douglas: A Poet of the Second World War, by G S Fraser

1955  E H W Meyerstein, 1889-1952, by Lionel Butler