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Aspects of Art Lectures

A bequest from Miss Henriette Hertz (d. 1913) established a fund that was intended both to support three lecture series, and more generally to enable the Academy to support scholarly research and publication. The Aspects of Art Lectures were one of the lecture series. They are intended to address some aspect of the relation of Art or Music to human culture. The lecture was first delivered in 1916.

List of Aspects of Art Lectures delivered since 1950.
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2019 by Mark Hallet

2016  The inner eye: Voyages around the museum, by Penelope Curtis (audio with slides)

2013  Between Art and Science: Music as Performance, by Nicholas Cook (text | video)

2010  The past as propaganda: The Mongol ‘World History’, by Robert Hillenbrand (text | audio)

2009  Shitao (1642-1707) and the Traditional Chinese Conception of Ruins, by Wu Hung (text | audio)

2007  Classical Music and the Subject of Modernity, by John Butt (text | audio)

2005  Everyman in Motion: From Bosch to Bruegel, by Joseph Leo Koerner (text)

2003  Scholarship and the Musical: Reclaiming Jerome Kern, by Stephen Banfield (text)

2001  How Northern was the Northern Master at Assisi? by Paul Binski (text)

1999  Artist and Subject in Ming Dynasty China, by Craig Clunas (text)

1997  Architecture and the spaces in between, by William Whitfield

1995  Marcel Duchamp and the Paradox of Modernity, by Dawn Ades (text)

1993  Rogier van der Weyden and his Workshop, by Lorne Campbell (text)

1990  Coventry Patmore and the Aesthetics of Architecture, by J Mordaunt Crook (text)

1986  Thurstan of Caen and Plainchant at Glastonbury: Musicological Reflections on the Norman Conquest, by David Hiley (text)

1985  Josquin and the Fifteenth-century Chanson, by Howard Mayer Brown (text)

1984  Geometrical Perspective from Brunelleschi to Desargues: A Pictorial Means or an Intellectual End? by Martin Kemp (text)

1982  Persian Painting and the National Epic, by B W Robinson (text)

1980  Fauvism and the School of Chatou: Post-Impressionism in Crisis, by John Golding (text)

1974  Jacques-Louis David: A Personal Interpretation, by Anita Brookner (text)

1972  Some Uses and Misuses of the Terms Baroque and Rococo as Applied to Architecture, by Anthony Blunt (text)

1970  The Master of the Breviary of Jean sans Peur and the Limbourgs, by Millard Meiss (text)

1968  The Development of the British Literary Portrait up to Samuel Johnson, by David Piper (text)

1966  1066 and Architectural Sculpture, by George Zarnecki (text)

1964  The Italian Plaquette, by J W Pope-Hennessy

1962  Some Nameless Sculptors of the Fifth Century B.C., by Bernard Ashmole

1960  Michelangelo’s Prophets and Sibyls, by Edgar Wind (text)

1958  The Decoration of the Sistine Chapel, by Johannes Wilde

1956  The Nature of Recitative, by J A Westrup

1954  The British Contribution to the Neo-Classical Style in Painting, by Ellis K Waterhouse

1952  Fortification in Islam Before A.D. 1250, by K A C Creswell

1950  Nicolas Poussin and his Relation to Antiquity, by A F Blunt