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Journal of the British Academy

Journal of the British Academy

The online open-access Journal of the British Academy seeks to publish a conspectus of the state of scholarship across the Academy’s disciplinary interests, its content derived from the Academy’s own lecture programme.

Editors: Professor Simon Frith FBA; Professor Fiona Williams FBA.
The British Academy’s Publications Committee serves as the Journal’s Editorial Board.

ISSN 2052–7217
Creative Commons LicenseThe Journal of the British Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Recently posted articles

The tragedy of state education in England: Reluctance, compromise and muddle — a system in disarray
Stephen J. Ball
Posted 7 September 2018

Karl Marx’s changing picture of the end of capitalism
Gareth Stedman Jones
Posted 30 July 2018

Gender equality: Core principle of modern society?
Anne Phillips
Posted 9 May 2018

Women, crime and character in the 20th century
Nicola Lacey
Posted 26 March 2018

The Scottish Enlightenment and the Matter of Troy
Colin Kidd
Posted 15 March 2018

When Wall Street manages Main Street: Managerial dilemmas, sustainability, and inequality
Rosemary Batt
Posted 15 March 2018

Understanding Chinese jade in a world context
Gina L. Barnes
Posted 5 March 2018

‘Soliloquies of suffering and consolation’: Fiction as elegy and refusal
John Burnside
Posted 5 December 2017

Burial mounds of Scythian elites in the Eurasian steppe: New discoveries
Hermann Parzinger
Posted 29 November 2017

The determination of love
Andrea Brady
Posted 16 November 2017

We don’t torture: Moral resolutions, temptation, and the doctine of double effect
Richard Holton
Posted 16 November 2017

Some turns in a ‘journey to the West’: Cosmological proliferation in an anthropology of Eurasia
Wang Mingming
Posted 9 October 2017

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