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Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund

This round will open on Monday 12th November 2018 and the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 12th December 2018.

The Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund was established according to the terms of the Will of Sir Aurel Stein, FBA, to commemorate his friendship with Sir Thomas Arnold, FBA, for 'the encouragement of research on the antiquities or historical geography or early history or arts of those parts of Asia which come within the sphere of the ancient civilisations of India, China, and Iran, including Central Asia’.



Applicants must be British or Hungarian subjects. Applicants should be of postdoctoral status or have comparable experience. Applications are not accepted from postgraduate students.

Level of Award

Research should be 'so far as possible by means of exploratory work'. Funds are limited and normally grants will not exceed around £2,500, but in exceptional circumstances grants may be considered up to £5,000.

All applications should demonstrate that Academy funds are sought for a clearly defined, discrete piece of research, which will have an identifiable outcome on completion of the Academy-funded component of the project.

Duration of Award

Awards are tenable for up to 24 months.