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Senior Research Fellowships - Past Awards: 2013

A list of the BA/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship Awards made in 2013

The British Academy is pleased to announce the result of the 2012-13 competition for Senior Research Fellowships and the Thank -Offering to Britain Fellowship. These awards were decided by the Research Awards Committee in March 2013, and will be taken up by the award-holders starting in the autumn of 2013.

The purpose of these Fellowships is to provide a period of research leave for one year for established scholars during which they will be able to concentrate on bringing a major piece of research towards completion while their normal teaching and administrative duties are covered by a full-time replacement.

Awards listed in alphabetical order by award holder's surname. All institutions named correct at point of original application.


Senior Research Fellowships 


Davies, Dr Gareth


University Lecturer in American History, University of Oxford

History / Political History

State of Disaster: The Changing Politics of Catastrophe in the United States, 1793-2012



Follett, Dr Richard


Reader in American History; Deputy Head of School & Director of Teaching & Learning

University of Sussex, School of History, Art History, Philosophy

History / Social History

Troubled Minds: Slave Revolts in American Memory



Friend, Dr Stacie


Senior Lecturer, Heythrop College, University of London, Philosophy

Philosophy / Aesthetics

Matters of Fact and Fiction



Horst, Dr Jessica


Lecturer, University of Sussex, School of Psychology

Psychology / Developmental and Educational Psychology

Learning Names for Object Categories



Khalfa, Dr Jean


Senior Lecturer in French Studies, Trinity College Cambridge

Modern Languages / French language and literature

Rediscovering Fanon: understanding Frantz Fanon's thought in the light of his unpublished work



Latham, Dr Kevin


Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Anthropology of Media, SOAS, University of London

Anthropology / Social & Cultural Anthropology, other branches

Media, mobility, networks and place: Chinese immigrants in contemporary Italy



Smith, Professor Roland


Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, University of Oxford

Classics and Ancient History / Language, literature, history, culture, art and archaeology of the Byzantine world

The Late Antique Portrait Statues of Aphrodisias



BA/Thank-Offering to Britain Fellowship


Swenarton, Professor Mark


James Stirling Professor of Architecture, University of Liverpool

History of Art / History of architecture

The housing programme of the London Borough of Camden under Sydney Cook 1965-73