Neil Ker Memorial Fund 2022-23 Awards

Professor Susan Rankin

‘From Memory to Written Record: English Liturgical Books and Notations, 900–1150’

This monograph will present the Lyell lectures delivered at the Bodleian Library in May 2022, and will be published by PIMS, Toronto. Its central topics are English musical scripts between 900 and 1150 and the ways they change, enquiry into what drove changes, the localisation of distinct ways of notating music, and the impact of the Norman Conquest on the written recording of music and liturgical repertories for singing. The monograph will also include detailed studies of the relation between scribes and content in seven manuscripts, and a guide to musical notations which is intended to support the study of liturgical and other manuscripts by non-musical scholars.

With palaeographical study of the text and music scripts in individual manuscripts as its fundamental source of evidence, the monograph will incorporate a large number of high-resolution images as well as musical transcriptions.

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