International Partnership and Mobility Awards 2014

East and South East Asia

Dr. Huw Barton University of Leicester
Early agriculture in southern China
Dr. Xiaoyan Yang (Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research; China)
three-year; £28,310

Dr. Christian Bokhove University of Southampton
Using technology for comparing and strengthening geometry teaching in England, Japan and Hong Kong
Dr. Mikio Miyazaki (Shinshu University; Japan)
three-year; £29,000

Professor Andrew Douglas Chesher University College London, University of London
Advancing Microeconometrics: Theory and Practice
Professor Sokbae Lee (Seoul National University; South Korea)
three-year; £29,666

Professor Bernhard Fuehrer School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
A New Perspective on Historical Interpretations of the Book of Songs: Commentarial Structures and Exegetical Strategies in the Mao Shi zhushu
Professor Pao-san Chang (MingDao University; Taiwan)
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Dr. Derek Hird University of Westminster
Translating Chinese masculinities: Chinese men in global contexts
Dr. Geng Song (University of Hong Kong; China)
one-year; £9,981

Dr. John Marenbon University of Cambridge
Immateriality, Thinking and the Self in the Philosophy of the Long Middle Ages
Professor Tianyue Wu (Peking University; China)
one-year; £9,800

Dr. Janet Marstine University of Leicester
One Country, Two Systems?: Negotiating Censorship/Self-Censorship in Hong Kong and Guangdong Exhibition Spaces
Professor Hing Kay Oscar Ho (The Chinese University of Hong Kong; China)
three-year; £29,880

Professor Julian Reiss University of Durham
Economics and the Value-Free Ideal
Dr. Hsiang-Ke Chao (National Tsing Hua University; Taiwan)
one-year; £5,000
Co-funded with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Professor Gordon Walker Lancaster University
Climate Change in the Media and in Everyday Life: A UK-Taiwan Comparative Study about Energy Use and Its Media Representation
Dr. Sumei Wang (National Chengchi University; Taiwan)
one-year; £4,566
Co-funded with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Professor Alan Warde University of Manchester
Macro mechanisms and social policies for sustainable consumption: a comparative perspective, China and the UK
Dr. Di Zhu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; China)
one-year; £4,980
Co-funded with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Dr. Ting Xu Queen’s University Belfast
Diversifying ownership of land?: communal property in the UK and China
Professor Fengzhang Li (Shanghai University; China)
three-year; £29,971

Latin America & the Caribbean

Professor Cath Collins University of Ulster
Policing, Forensic and Informational Issues in the Search for Truth and Justice for Past Atrocities
Dr. Judith Schonsteiner (Universidad Diego Portales; Chile)
one-year; £10,000

Dr. Joanna Crow University of Bristol
Interconnected Histories: The Family Lives, Institutional Networks and Travels of Mapuche Intellectuals in Twentieth-Century Chile
Dr. Allison Boise Ramay (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Chile)
one-year; £9,210

Professor Teresa da Silva Lopes University of York
British entrepreneurship and Investment in Brazil, 1860-1914: Impact of multinational business on economic development
Professor Carlos Gabriel Guimaraes (Universidade Federal Fluminense; Brazil)
three-year; £29,933

Dr. Patricia Justino Institute of Development Studies
Overcoming Violence Through Local Institutions: A Comparative Study of Households and Communities in Colombia
Dr. Ana María Ibañez (Universidad de Los Andes; Colombia)
three-year; £29,200

Dr. Jayalaxshmi Mistry Royal Holloway, University of London
Building the case for integrating indigenous and academic knowledge into a participatory and sustainable fire management policy
Dr. Bibiana Bilbao (Universidad Simón Bolívar; Venezuela)
three-year; £29,939

Professor Elena Nardi University of East Anglia
Challenging ableist perceptions of mathematical learning in Brazil and the UK
Dr. Lulu Healy (Universidade Anhanguera de São Paulo; Brazil)
one-year; £9,950

Professor Ludi Simpson University of Manchester
Establishing and learning from comparative subnational demographic development in Latin America
Professor Brenda Yepez Martínez (Venezuelan Central University; Venezuela)
three-year; £29,868

Middle East and North Africa

Professor Sule Alan University of Essex
Financial Education and Rational Economic Decision Making: A Childhood Intervention
Dr Seda Ertac (Koc University; Turkey)
three-year; £30,000

Dr. Hanna Kienzler King’s College London, University of London
Evaluating a Multi-Family Approach Intervention in West Bank Villages.
Professor Rita Giacaman (Birzeit University; Palestine)
three-year; £29,979

Professor Roger Matthews University of Reading
Environment and societies in early Iran.
Dr. Mehran Maghsoudi (University of Tehran; Iran)
three-year; £29,725

South Asia

Dr. John Reuben Davies University of Glasgow
Land-holding, the Recording of Property-Transfer, and the Formation of Kingdoms: The Comparative Experience of Medieval Scotland and Bengal
Professor Swapna Bhattacharya (University of Calcutta; India)
one-year; £9,968

Dr. Eiluned Mair Edwards Nottingham Trent University
By design: sustaining culture in local environments. Learning from the Indian handicrafts sector
Professor Jatin Bhatt (Ambedkar University; India)
three-year; £29,530

Professor Mary Gibson University of Glasgow
Second Cities in the Circuits of Empire: Calcutta, Glasgow, and the Nineteenth-Century Legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment
Professor Rosinka Chaudhuri (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences; India)
three-year; £29,32

Dr. Khaleel Malik University of Manchester
Towards an Understanding of University-Industry Interactions in Developing Countries: The Case of Sri Lanka
Professor Vathsala Wickramasinghe (University of Moratuwa; Sri Lanka)
three-year; £24,760

Dr. Wendy Olsen University of Manchetser
Innovation in Global Labour Research Using Deep Linkage and Mixed Methods
Professor Amaresh Dubey (Jawaharlal Nehru Univesity; India)
three-year; £25,284

Dr. Emma Pomeroy University of Cambridge
Prehistoric perspectives on the Indian 'thin-fat' phenotype: temporal trends in physique relative to environmental setting
Dr. Veena Mushrif-Tripathy (Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute; India)
one-year; £9,805

Dr. Manoj Roy Lancaster University
The rise of private slum developers in Bangladesh and India: heroes or villains?
Dr. Suresh Rohilla (Centre for Science and Environment; India)
three-year; £29,930

Sub-Saharan Africa

Professor Farhad Analoui University of Bradford
Establishment of an International Research Partnership between Cape Coast University, Ghana and University of Bradford, UK in the field of Human Resource Development for Public Sector Reform
Dr. Kwabena Barima Antwi (University of Cape Coast; Ghana)
three-year; £28,820

Professor Rachel Dixey Leeds Metropolitan University
Mental health and wellbeing in Zambia
Dr. Oliver Mweemba (University of Zambia; Zambia)
three-year; £30,000

Dr. Charles Elad University of Westminster
Accounting Reform in the Franc Zone Countries in Africa
Dr. Marth Tumnde (University of Buea; Cameroon)
one-year; £8,400

Dr. Leigh Gardner London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
Comparative Economic History of Developing Regions
Dr. Johan Fourie (Stellenbosch University; South Africa)
one-year; £9,970

Professor Anne Griffiths University of Edinburgh
Realising Justice?: Negotiating Land Reform in Southern Africa
Professor Faustin Tirwirukwa Kalabamu (Universityof Botswana; Botswana)
three-year; £27,850

Dr. Sarah Halligan University of Bath
Pathways to psychological disorder in young people growing up in conditions of extreme social adversity
Professor Mark Tomlinson (Stellenbosch University; South Africa)
three-year; £29,000

Professor Stuart Taberner University of Leeds
Contemporary Literature from Germany and South Africa: Critiquing the Narrativization of Trauma as Nation-building
Dr. Sandra Young (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
three-year; £29,815

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