BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants Awards 2021

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The awards listed are those for the 2021-22 round of Small Research Grants.

Adamson, Fiona SRG21\210941

School of Oriental and African Studies

The Diplomacy of Forced Migration

Grant awarded £9,989.83

Alimia, Sanaa SRG21\211423


Digital Borders, Bodies, and Mobility in South Asia

Grant awarded £9,630

Andrews, Hannah SRG21\210915

Edge Hill University

Televisual Caricature: an evaluation of satirical impersonation focusing on transnational, transmedia and industrial contexts

Grant awarded £9,453.50

Andriano, Liliana SRG21\210356

University of Oxford

Building a comprehensive database on conflict: Investigating demographic causes and consequences of conflict in Africa

Grant awarded £9,927

Banks, David SRG21\211210

King's College London

Understanding how to Understand Play: Expertise, Play, and the Production of Knowledge in Gaming

Grant awarded £7,520

Barker, Edward SRG21\210527

King's College London

Provision of Mental Health Psycho-Social Support Training to Facilitate Two-Wave Survey on the Impact of Trauma among Conflict-Afflicted Populations in South Sudan

Grant awarded £9,920

Barnes, Nicholas SRG21\211439

University of St Andrews

Criminal Territories in Rio de Janeiro

Grant awarded £9,774

Bear, Christopher SRG21\210557

Cardiff University

Young people, alternative proteins and pedagogies for sustainable futures

Grant awarded £8,494

Beasley, Rebecca SRG21\210411

Professor of Modernist Studies, University of Oxford

Scholarly edition of Wyndham Lewis, Men Without Art for Oxford University Press Collected Works of Wyndham Lewis

Grant awarded £5,100

Berlusconi, Dr Giulia SRG21\211215

University of Surrey

Understanding risk in unregulated markets: the case of men who purchase sex

Grant awarded £9,213

Best, David SRG21\211358

University of Derby

Assessing the impact of COVID on the social networks, supports, and wellbeing of people convicted of sexual offences and their families

Grant awarded £9,995

Bland, Lucy SRG21\211502

Anglia Ruskin University

Investigating the Investigations: a study of the official reports and commentaries on Britain’s interracial portside communities during the interwar years

Grant awarded £6,797.80

Blomley, Anna Magdalena SRG21\210700

University of Oxford

Thessalian coins in context: The Hellenistic coinage of Demetrias and the Magnesian Koinon

Grant awarded £3,340

Boldrick, Stacy SRG21\210582

University of Leicester

Mother Church as Museum: Interpreting Iconoclasm in Medieval Sculptural Fragment Collections in Storage and on Display

Grant awarded £4,770

Brooke, Sian SRG21\210549

London School of Economics and Political Science

Equity in Freelancing: An Intersectional Analysis of Discrimination in Online Labour Markets

Grant awarded £9,915

Burrell, Katherine SRG21\210674

University of Liverpool

Title Unsettled Status? Polish experiences of the Settled Status scheme and beyond

Grant awarded £9,896.61

Cakirlar, Cuneyt SRG21\210027

Nottingham Trent University

Djinns of Post-millennial Turkish Cinema: Transnational Horror, Folklore and Cultural Politics

Grant awarded £9,864

Caravolas, Marketa SRG21\211510

Bangor University

Extending the Multilanguage Assessment Battery of Early Literacy; a free web-based tool for nine European languages

Grant awarded £9,950

Carrol, Alison SRG21\210294

Brunel University London

Channelling Identities. Borders, Belonging and the Idea of a Channel Tunnel in France and Britain, 1802-1994

Grant awarded £8,640

Carugati, Maria Federica SRG21\211238

King's College London

Science of Participation

Grant awarded £10,000

Champion, Donna SRG21\210308

Nottingham Trent University

Recovery Position? Narratives of community-led recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic: The case of the East Midlands

Grant awarded £7,268.20

Chan, Jin Hooi SRG21\211286

University of Greenwich

Innovation Ecosystem of Rural-Urban Nexus (INNERUN): A Social Network Analysis and International Comparative Study of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Grant awarded £5,000

Cullet, Philippe SRG21\210618

School of Oriental and African Studies

Fostering Ecocentric Community-led River Restoration and Conservation in the Ganga Basin (India)

Grant awarded £9,940

Derclaye, Estelle SRG21\210361

University of Nottingham

To what extent are EU copyright law’s limits truly harmonised? An empirical analysis of the Member States’ case law

Grant awarded £8,761.50

Dini, Rachele SRG21\211441

University of Roehampton

Cleaning Through Crisis: Political Upheaval and the Advertising of Domestic Hygiene, 1963-2023

Grant awarded £9,960

Dymock, Alex SRG21\211416

Goldsmiths, University of London

The Sexual Politics of the Psychedelic Renaissance

Grant awarded £5,683.43

Dziewulski, Pawel SRG21\211153

University of Sussex

Perception and rationality: On physiological foundations of economic decision-making

Grant awarded £9,955

Elder, Chi-Hé SRG21\210961

University of East Anglia

When the joke misfires: Dealing with offensive humour in online interaction

Grant awarded £9,495

Embrey, Matthew SRG21\210994

University of Sussex

Bargaining and Reputation: Red Lines and Commitment Strategies in Negotiations

Grant awarded £10,000

Fitton Davies, Katie SRG21\210128

Coventry University

Closing the physical and cognitive attainment gap for early years children through a home-based, gamified stability skills intervention: a pilot study

Grant awarded £7,012.50

Forbes, Karen SRG21\211295University of Cambridge

Mapping school-level language policies across multilingual secondary schools in England

Grant awarded £4,753

Fouquet, Roger SRG21\211227

London School of Economics and Political Science

Historical Method for Constructing Demand Curves: A Validation Exercise (HisDem-v)

Grant awarded £7,500

Fraser, David SRG21\210053

University of Nottingham

Liberal Democracy, Fascist Antisemitism, and Jewish Self-defence, 1932-1938

Grant awarded £4,710

Gadelshina, Gyuzel SRG21\210241

Northumbria University

Exploring interactional leadership practices in virtual teams’ processes

Grant awarded £9,991.20

Garratt, Anthony SRG21\211516

University of Warwick

Evaluating US Energy Information Agency (EIA) Forecasts

Grant awarded £9,310

Gaydarska, Bisserka SRG21\211091

Independent Scholar

Time to bear FRUITS - novel Bayesian modelling and FRUITS analyses of burials from the Varna cemetery, Bulgaria

Grant awarded £7,125

Gellner, David SRG21\211342

University of Oxford

Understanding the 2022 state elections in eastern UP (Uttar Pradesh), India

Grant awarded £4,508.35

Grover, Shalini SRG21\210050

London School of Economics and Political Science

Male Domestic-Care Workers in Globalizing India

Grant awarded £9,844.57

Guerci, Manolo SRG21\210974

University of Kent

The Book of Architecture of John Thorpe in Sir John Soane’s Museum, London: c.1596-c.1623

Grant awarded £8,613.80

Harrington, John SRG21\210396

Cardiff University

Legal Transplants and Policy Transfers: Legislating for Organ Donation in a Devolved UK

Grant awarded £9,971

Hill, Tracey SRG21\210135

Bath Spa University

Civic London 1558-1642: discovering the dramatic records of the City of London livery companies

Grant awarded £9,936

Hines, John SRG21\210678

Cardiff University

The outbreak of the 'First Pandemic': Yersinia pestis in Europe before the Justinianic Plague?

Grant awarded £5,890

Hone, Joseph SRG21\211119

Newcastle University

Forgery and the Development of Bibliography

Grant awarded £8,250

Hook, Andrew SRG21\210314

University of Sussex

The socio-politics of digital money: examining the motives for and potential consequences of the shift towards cryptocurrencies

Grant awarded £8,780

Horvath, Christina SRG21\210167

University of Bath

Botanical Encounters: Decolonising Bath’s Memoryscape through Walking, Knowledge Sharing and Arts-based Co-Creation

Grant awarded £9,990

Hutt, Michael SRG21\210526

Independent Researcher

Nepali Dalit Literature

Grant awarded £9,573.28

Ifie, Kemefasu SRG21\211376

Loughborough University

Understanding the Drivers of Service Rule Enforcement by Front-line Employees

Grant awarded £6,500

Islam, Asiya SRG21\211180

University of Cambridge

Work-from/at/for-home: Women, e-commerce, and work transitions in urban India

Grant awarded £7,385.45

James, Simon SRG21\210457

University of Leicester

Investigating ancient villages in the Akrotiri maritime cultural landscape, Cyprus

Grant awarded £9,985

Jeffery, Hannah SRG21\210799

University of Edinburgh

Say Their Names: The Murals of Black Lives Matter

Grant awarded £9,997.90

Jeong, Seungwon (Eugene) SRG21\211503

University of Bristol

Uncertainty Paradox: Why You Should (Not) Lie about COVID-19 statistics

Grant awarded £10,000

Kern, Philipp SRG21\211103

Loughborough University

Value Distribution Among Company Stakeholders: Exploring the Microfoundations of Income Inequality

Grant awarded £9,946

Keshtiban, Amir SRG21\210441

Northumbria University

The impact of furlough scheme on level four workers (professionals)

Grant awarded £9,999.88

Krauthaker, Marion SRG21\210551

De Montfort University

Reclaiming ‘Secondary Zone’ Female Voices towards a Remapping of Literary France

Grant awarded £6,303.75

Kumar, Arun SRG21\210976

University of Nottingham

Mobilising the Past and Mobilising the Community: Vernacular Community Histories of the Labouring Castes in Colonial North India (1900-1950)

Grant awarded £9,770

Kumari, Veena SRG21\211061

Brunel University London

Cognitive Trajectory of COVID-19: Pre- versus Post-COVID-19 Cognitive Function in Survivors

Grant awarded £9,895

Lacatus, Corina SRG21\210386

Queen Mary University of London

Irregular Migration and the Governance of Mental Health: A study of camp-based communities on the Spanish Islands of Gran Canarias

Grant awarded £9,986

Lamarche, Veronica SRG21\210834

University of Essex

An Investigation into the Associations Between Masculinity Threats and Intimate Partner Violence Among Straight and Gay Men

Grant awarded £9,351.34

Langosch, Magdalena SRG21\211453

University of Greenwich

Culture Knows No Borders—Implications for Business Partnerships

Grant awarded £9,574.60

Lau, Tatiana SRG21\210683

Royal Holloway, University of London

Redefining social categorisation as a form of latent structure learning

Grant awarded £10,000

Liu, Hongbo SRG21\210290

University of Surrey

Bragging is a double-edged sword? The effects of social media bragging on interpersonal impressions at workplace

Grant awarded £10,000

Liu, Shan-Jan Sarah SRG21\210345

University of Edinburgh

Hereditary Politics: The Role of Gender and Kinship in Voters’ Evaluations of Political Candidates

Grant awarded £9,440

Longman, Daniel SRG21\210287

Loughborough University

Effects of natural and urban environments on human stress and function

Grant awarded £9,636.28

Longo, Matthew SRG21\210187

Birkbeck, University of London

Handling Barbie: The Effects of Haptic Experience of Bodies on Body Perception

Grant awarded £9,950.71

Loomis, Jessa SRG21\211201

Lecturer in Economic Geography, Newcastle University

Dear Seller: Homebuying and The Intimate Geographies of Wealth Accumulation in the United States

Grant awarded £9,474

Luo, Ting SRG21\210233

Manchester Metropolitan University

Fandom Culture and Rhetoric Online: The Self-motivated Nationalism in Authoritarian Regimes

Grant awarded £9,886

Maglajlic, Reima Ana SRG21\210696

University of Sussex

'Madness’ after extreme events – co-produced understanding of mental distress in the context of political conflict, natural disasters, and global pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Grant awarded £9,923.93

Mak, Matthew SRG21\210150

University of York

Recollections May Vary: How Does Sleep Affect False Memory?

Grant awarded £9,920

Malik, Rabia SRG21\210644

University of Essex

Minoritisation, Community, and Attitudes toward Immunization: A Survey Experiment in Pakistan

Grant awarded £10,000

Masters, Ben SRG21\210984

University of Nottingham

The Lit Pack: The Making and Legacy of a Literary Generation

Grant awarded £6,091.57

McAlinden, Anne-Marie SRG21\210319

Queen's University Belfast

Transforming Justice Responses to Historical Institutional Abuse

Grant awarded £9,989

McClary, Richard SRG21\210064

University of York

Reimagining Royal Space: The Kilij Arslan II Kiosk in Konya and its Lost Interior

Grant awarded £7,736

McCloskey, Paula SRG21\211422

University of Derby

A Counter-Cartography of the Border Busters (Ireland 1968-1998)

Grant awarded £9,075

McGovern, Mark SRG21\211261

Edge Hill University

Victims' Experiences of Legacy Investigations in Northern Ireland

Grant awarded £9,480

McKie, Ruth SRG21\210429

De Montfort University

Place-making and Rural Resilience in Response to Flooding in the UK

Grant awarded £9,927.76

McLoughlin, Stephen SRG21\210051

Coventry University

Mass Atrocity Early Warning Capacity in the UN Secretariat

Grant awarded £10,000

Michalowski, Sabine SRG21\211110

University of Essex

Fulfilling the state obligation to investigate, prosecute and punish international crimes through alternatives to prison sentences - lessons from Colombia

Grant awarded £9,995.46

Milward, Sophie SRG21\210731

University of Portsmouth

Beyond the dyad: Task co-representation of multiple co-actors

Grant awarded £9,994

Mokrisova, Jana SRG21\211192

University of Cambridge

Invisible Economies: Landscape Histories on the island of Samos

Grant awarded £9,589

Mollet, Tracey SRG21\210194

University of Leeds

Fantastic Beings in Familiar Worlds: Animation and American Cultural Life (1945-1969)

Grant awarded £9,340

Msiska, Mpalive SRG21\211050

Birkbeck, University of London

Reading Trauma in Post-Colonial African Literature - The Case of Chinua Achebe

Grant awarded £9,280

Muir, Angela SRG21\211128

University of Leicester

Diversity, Identity and Social Change in South Wales, 1730-1830

Grant awarded £6,100

Muller-Crepon, Carl SRG21\210081

University of Oxford

Cracking or Packing Ethnic Groups? The Colonial Design of Administrative Units in Sub-Saharan Africa

Grant awarded £9,939.50

Newsinger, Jack SRG21\211097

Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

Locked down and locked out? The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mothers working in UK television

Grant awarded £9,881.13

Nyfoudi, Margarita SRG21\211190

University of Birmingham

Investigating informal learning and development of healthcare professionals under macro-turbulence

Grant awarded £9,934.24

O'Byrne, Darren SRG21\210144

University of Roehampton

Politics/Language: The Language of Politics and the Politics of Language

Grant awarded £7,470

O’Neill, Kirstie SRG21\210416

Cardiff University

Veganpreneurship: food system transformation or new economic opportunity? Motivations and drivers for vegan entrepreneurship

Grant awarded £7,906.40

Parey, Matthias SRG21\211489

University of Surrey

Understanding gender differences in Higher Education outcomes: Evidence from randomized assignment

Grant awarded £9,760

Parker, Caroline SRG21\210718

University of Manchester

Comparative Police Racisms: Race, Knowledge, and the Politics of Recognition

Grant awarded £8,193

Partis-Jennings, Hannah SRG21\211023

Loughborough University

Gender and the Future Soldier

Grant awarded £9,230.20

Polisson, Matthew SRG21\211614

University of Bristol

Experimental Tests Of Rational Decision Making

Grant awarded £9,000

Raihani, Nichola SRG21\210912

University College London (UCL)

Reputation Management in the Real World

Grant awarded £9,750

Remedios, Richard SRG21\210413

Nottingham Trent University

Individual differences in students’ responses to their parents’ motivational messages

Grant awarded £9,060.42

Rigby, Stephen SRG21\210137

Independent Scholar

Historians on the Medieval Robin Hood

Grant awarded £3,596.55

Rindt, Jekaterina SRG21\211208

Lancaster University

Innovation Across Boundaries: Implementing Design Thinking Practices in Innovation Ecosystems and Policy Making in Germany and the United Kingdom

Grant awarded £10,000

Rintamaki, Jukka SRG21\210832

Loughborough University

A case study of workplace coping following the end of a tyrannical management regime

Grant awarded £7,755

Roberts, Kate SRG21\210056

Nottingham Trent University

Supporting financial decision making in older adults

Grant awarded £9,658.28

Rochester, Colin SRG21\211615

Independent Scholar

All hands on deck? Organisational hybridity and the voluntary response to critical shortages of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic in England

Grant awarded £9,742

Rodenbiker, Kelsie SRG21\210779

University of Glasgow

Perceptions of Pseudepigraphy Across the Ancient Mediterranean World

Grant awarded £9,996.80

Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe SRG21\210640

Durham University

Regulating Assisted Gestative Technologies: An investigation into future legislation in England and Wales

Grant awarded £9,387

Romankiewicz, Tanja SRG21\211197

University of Edinburgh

Grassroots: Unlocking Environmental Data from the Turf Walls of Roman Vindolanda

Grant awarded £9,656.12

Rossiter, William SRG21\210666

University of East Anglia

The Lives of Pietro Aretino: The Art of Scandal in the Italian Renaissance (revised)

Grant awarded £5,741

Ruggerone, Lucia SRG21\210667

Robert Gordon University

Living through the pandemic in post-Brexit Britain: emotional damage and forms of resilience among middle-aged European citizens

Grant awarded £8,882.44

Ryan, Maria SRG21\210242

University of Nottingham

The US-China 'tech war': A New Faultline in Global Politics

Grant awarded £6,880.28

Saka, Orkun SRG21\211248

City, University of London

Epidemic Experience and Financial Technology Adoption

Grant awarded £10,000

Sands, David SRG21\211557

University of Bristol

Secondary School Leadership in the Response to Climate Change

Grant awarded £9,814.87

Saul, Jo SRG21\210410

University College London (UCL)

Investigating middle childhood outcomes in minimally verbal autistic preschoolers: a four-year follow up study

Grant awarded £2,867.69

Saussay, Aurélien SRG21\211229

London School of Economics and Political Science

Understanding the geography of the green skill gap in the UK

Grant awarded £10,000

Schifano, Norma SRG21\211281

University of Birmingham

Heritage speakers of Spanish: the case of Latin American Londoners

Grant awarded £6,292.10

Smith, Susan SRG21\210383

University of Sussex

Contributors to the international award gap: a comparative analysis of the capitals of both UK and China domiciled students

Grant awarded £9,660

Smith, Charlotte SRG21\211434

University of Reading

The Colonial Bishoprics Fund and the Birth of the Worldwide Anglican Communion: Legal Transplants, Networks and Constitutional Change in the British Empire

Grant awarded £9,982.74

Soon, Jan Mei SRG21\210010

University of Central Lancashire

Prevalence of food fraud and resilience strategies of the UK food supply chain during COVID-19

Grant awarded £6,990

Spadavecchia, Anna SRG21\211100

University of Strathclyde

How Does Technology Travel?

Grant awarded £9,817.80

Sprengel, Darci SRG21\211094

University of Oxford

Expanding Analysis of Music Streaming Services Beyond the West: An Ethnographic Analysis of Spotify and Anghami in the Middle East

Grant awarded £9,989

Sullivan-Bissett, Ema SRG21\210992

University of Birmingham

Conspiratorial Ideation and Pathological Belief

Grant awarded £9,190

Szczepek Reed, Beatrice SRG21\210999

King's College London

Responding to news in Arabic and English natural conversation

Grant awarded £9,971.83

Taylor, Alexander SRG21\210385

University of Exeter

Sustainable ICTs in the Digitised University

Grant awarded £9,979.84

Thompson, Merisa SRG21\210918

University of Birmingham

Intersections of Gender, Race and Class: The Impact of Colonial Legacies on Contemporary Food and Agricultural Policy in the Caribbean

Grant awarded £7,157.50

Tilche, Alice SRG21\210622

University of Leicester

Disturbing images: visualising the COVID-19 pandemic at India’s margins

Grant awarded £9,850

Tillin, Louise SRG21\211431

King's College London

Democracy and Health in India: Voter Expectation Survey

Grant awarded £9,870

Tipoe, Eileen SRG21\211504

Independent Scholar

Teaching arrangements, time use, and mental health among UK undergraduate students

Grant awarded £9,676

Tong, Jingrong SRG21\211038

University of Sheffield

The political discourses and practice of media freedom in the UK since 2016: Brexit, COVID-19 and National Politics

Grant awarded £7,633

Trenta, Luca SRG21\211237

Swansea University

The CIA, Congress, and covert action: the politics of selective disclosure

Grant awarded £9,757.86

Trivedi-Bateman, Neema SRG21\210039

Anglia Ruskin University

A randomised controlled trial examining the effect of a morality-strengthening programme on positive behavioural outcomes and the reduction of crime

Grant awarded £9,979

Turner, Marion SRG21\210774

University of Oxford

Chaucer Here and Now

Grant awarded £6,705

Ulug, Ozden Melis SRG21\210942

University of Sussex

Communication about cultural similarities in demotivating (violent) collective action participation in Northern Ireland

Grant awarded £9,095

Verweij, Sebastiaan SRG21\210072

University of Bristol

The Literatures of Older Scotland Database

Grant awarded £9,486

Vezina, Pierre-Louis SRG21\211001

King's College London

How did Trump’s trade war with China affect structural change in Vietnam?

Grant awarded £10,000

Walden, Victoria SRG21\210883

University of Sussex

Digital Holocaust Memory: Hyperconnective Museums and Archives of the Future

Grant awarded £9,627.75

Warren, Kristy SRG21\211448

University of Leicester

Seeking Charles Wotton: Before the Liverpool ‘Race Riots’ of 1919

Grant awarded £8,622.80

Watson, Ruth SRG21\210253

University of Cambridge

Crowds in World History

Grant awarded £7,989.21

Webster, Rebecca SRG21\210479

University of Sheffield

Discrimination in healthcare settings and the nocebo effect

Grant awarded £9,986

Weeden, Mark SRG21\211179

University College London (UCL)

Iraqi Excavations at Tell Al-Wilayah, 4th Season, 2002

Grant awarded £8,629.71

Weizman, Ines SRG21\211236

School of Architecture, Royal College of Art

Antoine Tabet (1907-1964). A Modernist Architect across the Sykes-Picot Line

Grant awarded £10,000

West, Robin SRG21\211144

London Metropolitan University

Jeju 4.3: Dark Tourism and the Refractions of Atrocity

Grant awarded £5,600

Widdess, Richard SRG21\211308

School of Oriental and African Studies

Singing histories: a comparative survey of devotional singing groups (dāphā) in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Grant awarded £9,343

Williams, Neil SRG21\210133

University of Roehampton

Representing the Rights of Nature - Learning from the Mãori

Grant awarded £9,550

Wolf, Lukas SRG21\211111

University of Bath

Adults’ Decision-Making Regarding Teenagers’ Culpability in a Forensic Context

Grant awarded £8,355.84

Xheneti, Mirela SRG21\210800

University of Sussex

Building resilient local economies and communities post - pandemic through entrepreneurial action in the Circular Economy

Grant awarded £9,660

Yang, Huadong SRG21\210672

University of Liverpool

Examine the hybrid model of return-to-work arrangement on employee wellbeing

Grant awarded £9,294.56

Yoon, Hyunsun SRG21\211083

University of Greenwich

Minority ethnic older adults’ perception of COVID-19 public health campaigns

Grant awarded £9,863.55

Zhang, Meng-Le SRG21\210192

University of Sheffield

Estimating the effect of crime (maps) on house prices using a natural experiment

Grant awarded £9,976

Zhang, Abraham SRG21\211282

University of Essex

Barriers to effective compulsory waste sorting for a circular economy in China

Grant awarded £9,960

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