BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants Awards 2021-2022

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The awards listed are those for the 2021-22 round of Small Research Grants.

Aliverti, Ana Dr SG2122\210082

University of Warwick

Policing borderscapes: limits, dilemmas, and contradictions of border work in the COVID era

Value Awarded: £9,970.68

Alker, Zoe Dr SG2122\210101

University of Liverpool

Skin and Bone: Interdisciplinary analysis of accidents, injury, and violence in industrialising London, 1760-1901

Value Awarded: £9,539.88

Alt, Elisa Dr SG2122\210845

King's College London

The social intrapreneur’s journey: Seeking purpose in the corporation

Value Awarded: £9,664.38

Alves, Joel Dr SG2122\211243

University of Oxford

Revealing the intertwined history of rabbits and ferrets

Value Awarded: £9,832

Antonsich, Marco Dr SG2122\210755

Loughborough University

Beyond the white nation: Exploring the nexus between race and nation among Black Italians in the UK

Value Awarded: £9,690.84

Armstrong, Pamela Dr SG2122\211327

Independent Researcher

Religion and Commerce: ceramic data from the Satyros monastery in Constantinople

Value Awarded: £8,926

Arulampalam, Wiji (Sowmya Wijayambal) Professor SG2122\211337

University of Warwick

The impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on body weight of adolescents

Value Awarded: £9,925

Aveyard, Stuart Dr SG2122\210010

Manchester Metropolitan University

The use of the past in paramilitary print culture during the Northern Ireland conflict

Value Awarded: £5,485

Baird, Douglas Professor SG2122\211363

University of Liverpool

The Epipalaeolithic of central Anatolia

Value Awarded: £10,000

Balci, Gokcay Dr SG2122\210358

University of Huddersfield

Freight Transport Resilience in the UK in Post-Covid & Post-Brexit Era

Value Awarded: £9,574

Barnett, Adrienne Dr SG2122\210385

Brunel University London

Parental Alienation, Domestic Abuse and the Family Courts – a collaborative action research project

Value Awarded: £9,478.77

Bateman, Benjamin Dr SG2122\210355

University of Edinburgh

Fictions of Survival: Pandemic Literature and Our Present Time

Value Awarded: £8,991

Bavoso, Vincenzo Dr SG2122\210699

University of Manchester

Regulating “meme-stock” speculation in times of financial turmoil: The challenge for securities regulation posed by online platform-led “short-squeezes”

Value Awarded: £9,998

Bayer, Patrick Dr SG2122\210041

University of Strathclyde

How Credible are Firms' Voluntary Climate Commitments? An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Climate Action

Value Awarded: £9,250.31

Beaumont, Julia Dr SG2122\210221

University of Bradford

A closer examination of dietary information in permanent teeth: comparing stable isotope data from co-forming deciduous and permanent teeth where diet and medical history is known.

Value Awarded: £10,000

Belluigi, Dina Dr SG2122\210224

Queen's University Belfast

Academic Research Responsiveness to Ethnic Minorites and Migrants in Northern Ireland

Value Awarded: £9,757

Bentley, Nicholas Dr SG2122\210673

Keele University

Stories into Song

Value Awarded: £6,168.40

Berkes, Antal Dr SG2122\210576

University of Liverpool

Eliminating third state complicity in modern slavery: the obligations of non-assistance and non-recognition

Value Awarded: £9,830

Berry, Helen Professor SG2122\211365

University of Exeter

Making Shift at Sea: Female Traders and the Supply of Credit, Goods and Services to Sailors in the Long Eighteenth Century

Value Awarded: £4,946

Bhatia, Jasmine Dr SG2122\211187

Birkbeck, University of London

Failures of Statebuilding: Understanding the Collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Value Awarded: £9,983.59

Bhullar, Lovleen Dr SG2122\211314

University of Birmingham

Constitutional Environmental Duties of Individuals: Past, Present and Future

Value Awarded: £7,895

Billiani, Francesca Professor SG2122\210249

University of Manchester

Geographies and Histories of Murals in 20th-Century Italy

Value Awarded: £9,616.77

Bintliff, John Professor SG2122\211222

Independent Researcher

The City of Haliartos and its Rural Hinterland, Central Greece: 7,000 years of Human Settlement History

Value Awarded: £9,026

Bithell, Caroline Professor SG2122\210516

University of Manchester

Regional Music and Dance Traditions in Georgia and their Revitalisation: From National Plans to Local Entrepreneurs

Value Awarded: £9,980

Bjornsdottir, Ragnheidur Thora Dr SG2122\210146

Royal Holloway, University of London

Preferences for facial sexual dimorphism across culture and the sexual orientation spectrum

Value Awarded: £10,000

Blackburn, Dean Dr SG2122\210323

University of Nottingham

Time and Chance: The Politics of Temporality in Modern Britain

Value Awarded: £3,170

Brodie, Thomas Dr SG2122\210921

University of Birmingham

War, Grief and Mourning in Germany and Austria, 1939-1956

Value Awarded: £9,920

Brown, Caitlin Dr SG2122\210604

University of Manchester

Street food safety in Megalopolis: Understanding foodborne illness risks in the street food market to inform public policy

Value Awarded: £9,930.51

Buckland, Rosina Dr SG2122\211409

British Museum

Publication on Japanese art, 1866-1914

Value Awarded: £8,400

Bullock, Karen Professor SG2122\210783

University of Surrey

Hate Crime Victimisation and Reporting: An Analysis of Data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

Value Awarded: £9,979.20

Carmichael, Duncan Dr SG2122\210743

Edinburgh Napier University

A detailed exploration of crossmodal associations with odour

Value Awarded: £9,908.05

Castano-Echeverri, Alejandra Dr SG2122\210205

University of Nottingham

Organised workers and screen industry unions in Latin America: pre-pandemic features and postpandemic impacts

Value Awarded: £9,261.75

Catulli, Maurizio Dr SG2122\210440

University of Hertfordshire

Investigating the safety concerns about shared mobility affecting women in the context of Mobility as a Service

Value Awarded: £9,855.58

Celda Real, Olga Dr SG2122\210790

Independent Researcher

The Rumbling of Dissent Laughter: Francoist State Censorship and the Asociació d'Escritors Valensiáns

Value Awarded: £4,750

Cen, Jiaming (Jason) Dr SG2122\210971

University of Exeter

Does Sustainable Investing Add Value? Evidence from Bespoke ESG-Enhanced Benchmarks

Value Awarded: £9,987.86

Che, Xiaogang Dr SG2122\210483

City, University of London

Willingness to Pay for Brand Reputation: Lessons from the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

Value Awarded: £8,624

Chelotti, Nicola SG2122\210811

Loughborough University

Trust and its consequences in international negotiations: A study of UN negotiators

Value Awarded: £9,815.06

Christie, Neil Professor SG2122\210959

University of Leicester

Lost/Last Walls: Interrogating 18th-Century Cartographic Imagery to Reveal Lost Medieval Urban Defences

Value Awarded: £4,949.30

Civai, Claudia Dr SG2122\210427

London South Bank University

Human contact in the digital age: a soon to be scarce luxury good?

Value Awarded: £10,000

Clegg, Peter Dr SG2122\210447

University of the West of England, Bristol

Global Britain, contested spaces, and the British Overseas Territories

Value Awarded: £9,705

Coffe, Hilde Dr SG2122\210418

University of Bath

Quotas or Parity? How the Framing of Positive Action Measures ­­Affects Public Legitimacy

Value Awarded: £10,000

Connolly, Stephen Dr SG2122\211404

University for the Creative Arts

In Defence of Surrey

Value Awarded: £1,625

Cornwell, Hannah Dr SG2122\210741

University of Birmingham

The shape(s) of diplomacy: a dialogue between ancient and contemporary spaces of negotiation

Value Awarded: £8,769

Cousens, Emily Dr SG2122\211351

London School of Economics and Political Science

Second-wave trans feminisms in print

Value Awarded: £6,105

Darling, Jonathan Dr SG2122\211069

Durham University

Intimate Solidarities: Political Care in the Hosting of Refugees

Value Awarded: £9,984.60

Davies, Jude Professor SG2122\210200

University of Winchester

The letters of Grace Brown in literature, history, and film, 1906-2005

Value Awarded: £9,919

Davies, William Dr SG2122\210374

Independent Scholar

Harold Pinter Beyond the Stage: Creative Practice Across Film, Radio, Television, Poetry and Publishing

Value Awarded: £8,615

Denney, Fiona Professor SG2122\210422

Brunel University London

Hybrid Managers in Higher Education: Power, Identity and Challenges

Value Awarded: £9,969.90

Dias, Talita Dr SG2122\210821

University of Oxford

Beat the Algorithm

Value Awarded: £10,000

Donaldson, Lucy Dr SG2122\211194

University of St Andrews

Colouring in the margins: George Hoyningen-Huene’s work in film (1953-1962)

Value Awarded: £5,940.20

Dowdall, Clare Dr SG2122\210370

University of Exeter

Teaching narrative writing with digital resources and apps

Value Awarded: £8,475

Dumas, Marion Dr SG2122\210570

London School of Economics and Political Science

The Ecological Consumption Atlas

Value Awarded: £10,000

Dunstan, Sarah Dr SG2122\211300

Queen Mary University of London

Race in Modern Intellectual History: Historicising an Idea in Time and Space

Value Awarded: £9,980

Durrant, Simon Dr SG2122\211140

University of Lincoln

Neural Entrainment of Brain Rhythms to Aid Sleep

Value Awarded: £9,809.44

Dymond, Simon Professor SG2122\211340

Swansea University

Gambling on Google and Twitter: A Big Data Approach to Understanding the Public Health Impact of COVID-19 on Gambling Harms

Value Awarded: £9,771.27

Edwards, Rosalind Professor SG2122\210026

University of Southampton

Wives’ role in pioneering classic community studies: the Bethnal Green and Salford diaries

Value Awarded: £6,716

Elizalde, Aldo Dr SG2122\210654

Queen's University Belfast

Pre-colonial trade routes and long-run development: evidence from Australia

Value Awarded: £4,200

Ellis, Timothy Dr SG2122\210641

Teesside University

Neuter-ality? Masculinity, politics and neutrality in Emergency Ireland, 1939-1945

Value Awarded: £9,950

Evans, Bethan Dr SG2122\210842

University of Liverpool

Disbelief and Disregard: The Gendered Experiences of Energy Limiting Chronic Illnesses in England.

Value Awarded: £9,835.34

Evanschitzky, Heiner Professor SG2122\211174

University of Manchester

Net Zero! How Environmental Messages Should Be Framed to Encourage Sustainable Behaviours

Value Awarded: £9,951

Fakhrkonandeh, Alireza Dr SG2122\211425

University of Southampton

Burning Worlds, Drowning Worlds: The Oil-Water Complex in Iran, Iraq and Turkey

Value Awarded: £9,876

Falato, Giulia Dr SG2122\210917

University of Oxford

Education and representations of young people in Chinese sources between tradition and modernity

Value Awarded: £8,450

Farris, Sara Dr SG2122\211116

Goldsmiths, University of London

Feminism from the kitchen-floor

Value Awarded: £9,889.61

Favaro, Laura Dr SG2122\210460

City, University of London

The ‘Gender Wars’ Survey: A Case Study of Working Life in Academia

Value Awarded: £10,000

Fawcett, Hannah SG2122\210569

Manchester Metropolitan University

Skeletal remains in the courtroom – assessing the emotional impact upon jurors of 3D-printed skeletal trauma evidence

Value Awarded: £9,952.70

Forman, Peter Dr SG2122\210849

Northumbria University

Hydrogen Risk Landscapes

Value Awarded: £7,933.70

Fuller, Dorian Professor SG2122\211160

University College London

Looking for Landraces: recognising Neolithic cereal landraces in the western Balkans through grain morphometrics

Value Awarded: £9,816.21

Fuller, David Professor SG2122\211333

Durham University

Shakespeare and Ballet: Gender, Sexuality, Race and Politics on Stage

Value Awarded: £4,950

Galehbakhtiari, Sara Dr SG2122\210642

University of Nottingham

Understanding connectedness as well as the evolution of communication patterns within a material development company's online community

Value Awarded: £9,944.96

Garfagnini, Umberto Dr SG2122\210886

University of Surrey

Non-Bayesian Learning

Value Awarded: £4,500

Goluch, Dorota Dr SG2122\210656

Cardiff University

Translation in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Negotiation of Memories: A Discursive Analysis of Museum Texts in Polish, English and Hebrew

Value Awarded: £5,125

Goody, Alex Dr SG2122\210083

Oxford Brookes University

Djuna Barnes Writes New York

Value Awarded: £9,024

Gough, Thomas Dr SG2122\211150

Liverpool Hope University

Food insecurity and physical activity: using energy expenditure to test predictions made by the insurance hypothesis.

Value Awarded: £8,023.33

Graham, Matthew Dr SG2122\210030

University of Dundee

The regional and local dynamics of Anti-Apartheid Activism in Britain, 1948-1994.

Value Awarded: £9,900

Griffiths, Andrew Dr SG2122\210609

Open University

Mediating the First World War: Readers and War Reporting

Value Awarded: £4,315

Grossman, Alyssa Dr SG2122\210265

University of Liverpool

Little Familiar Objects: Decolonising Erland Nordenskiöld’s Colonial Rock Collection

Value Awarded: £5,941

Gryta, Janek Dr SG2122\210671

University of Bristol

Nationalisms, Communism, Cosmopolitanism and Forgotten Monuments. Poles and Jews in the Landscapes of Memory in Poland, 1945-2000

Value Awarded: £4,025

Gygi, Fabio Dr SG2122\211203

School of Oriental and African Studies

DOLL EUTHANASIA: Anticipating one’s own death through rites of disposal in Japan

Value Awarded: £9,900

Han, Sukjin Professor SG2122\211098

University of Bristol

Optimal Allocation of Export Credit Support: New Econometric Method and Application to International Trade

Value Awarded: £9,950

Harmer, Emily Dr SG2122\210974

University of Liverpool

Online Abuse and Discrimination in British politics: Women’s experiences and mitigation strategies.

Value Awarded: £7,272.50

Harris, Bob Professor SG2122\210488

University of Oxford

Creating North Britain, c.1707-1870: A History of Scotland in Britain

Value Awarded: £3,915.40

Henkel, Imke Dr SG2122\210958

Birkbeck, University of London

Exploring the democratic role of news media during Covid-19: Triangulating digital news outputs, journalists’ professional reflections, and audiences’ experiences in the UK and Germany

Value Awarded: £9,457

Hill, David Dr SG2122\211283

York St John University

Photosynethics: Responsibility, Sustainability and Plant Work in Professional Kitchens

Value Awarded: £6,729.50

Hodgson, Andrew Dr SG2122\210841

University of Birmingham

The Correspondence of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Elizabeth Hitchener, 1811–1812: A Radical Exchange

Value Awarded: £8,506

Hodkinson, Paul Dr SG2122\210606

University of Surrey

Journeys of hair-loss. An exploration of men’s experiences of pattern baldness

Value Awarded: £9,052

Hsieh, Linda Dr SG2122\211202

University of Birmingham

Digital trust and smart healthcare in Taiwan

Value Awarded: £10,000

Hughes, Michael Professor SG2122\210709

Lancaster University

Feliks Volkhovskii and the Ambiguities of Revolution

Value Awarded: £5,610

Ibragimov, Rustam Professor SG2122\211040

Imperial College London

New Robust Inference in Economics and Finance: Crises, Market (Non-)Efficiency, Volatility Clustering, Structural Breaks, Contagion and Predictability

Value Awarded: £9,780

Inskip, Sarah Dr SG2122\211444

University of Leicester

Tracing the invisible: A multi-isotopic approach for assessing the mobility of individuals in Medieval English leprosaria

Value Awarded: £9,970

Irish, Tomas Dr SG2122\211047

Swansea University

Feeding the Mind: Humanitarianism and the Reconstruction of European Intellectual Life, 1919-1933

Value Awarded: £3,329

Jackson, Simon Dr SG2122\211325

University of Birmingham

Fertile Futures: Phosphate, Farming and Food between France and Morocco, 1921-2008

Value Awarded: £9,600

Jewell, Rhianedd Dr SG2122\210009

Aberystwyth University

Interpreting in Welsh Courts: Linguistic and Legal Equality?

Value Awarded: £9,484.99

Jones, Caroline Dr SG2122\210037

Swansea University

Artificial intelligence and public (dis-)trust? A case study on using artificial intelligence in mental health services

Value Awarded: £9,912

Jones, Matthew Dr SG2122\210497

De Montfort University

Archiving and Writing the History of the British Federation of Film Societies

Value Awarded: £9,975

Kappes, Andreas Dr SG2122\210346

City, University of London

Expert Advice in Uncertain Times: How do Changes and Disagreements Impact how much People Follow Expert Advice?

Value Awarded: £8,650.83

Karanika, Katerina Dr SG2122\210202

University of Exeter

Older First-Time Mothers' Identity Reconstruction in Consumer Culture

Value Awarded: £9,830

Keller, Anat Dr SG2122\210367

King's College London

Operationalising Purposeful Culture in Financial Firms to Deliver Better Outcomes for Consumers: An Empirical Analysis

Value Awarded: £8,433

Kerr, Matthew Dr SG2122\210830

University of Southampton

A New Edition of Mr. Midshipman Easy, by Captain Frederick Marryat

Value Awarded: £5,013

Koenig-Archibugi, Mathias Dr SG2122\211356

London School of Economics and Political Science

Lightening the global burden of disease? The contribution of international NGOs to population health, 1993-2020

Value Awarded: £9,711

Kong, Sui Ting Dr SG2122\210240

Durham University

The Dark Side of Solidarity: wider social consequences of Hong Kong’s protests

Value Awarded: £9,752

Kramer, Hannah Dr SG2122\211102

Queen's University Belfast

Children's, Adolescents', and Adults' Reasoning about the Durability of Beliefs

Value Awarded: £9,500

Krulisova, Katerina Dr SG2122\211293

Nottingham Trent University

Regional Cultures and Challenges: Implementation of UN’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPS) in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Value Awarded: £9,691

Laing, Catherine Dr SG2122\210962

University of York

Babble development and caregiver speech in English and Ugandan babies

Value Awarded: £9,971.66

Leake, Elisabeth Dr SG2122\210847

University of Leeds

Decolonization's Discontents: The Postcolonial Afterlives of Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Value Awarded: £9,994

Lee, Seonghui Dr SG2122\210882

University of Essex

The Gender Gap in Political Misinformation and Its Consequences

Value Awarded: £9,900

Liarou, Eleni Dr SG2122\210715

Birkbeck, University of London

Decolonising the BBC Archive: Radio News and the language of race in post-WWII Britain

Value Awarded: £9,994

Lightowlers, Carly Dr SG2122\210301

University of Liverpool

Home drinking, violence, and inequalities: a quasi-experiment examining the contribution of off-trade alcohol availability to violence during Covid-19

Value Awarded: £9,900

Little, Hannah Dr SG2122\210069

University of Liverpool

Cognitive biases in storytelling: applications and implications for science communication

Value Awarded: £9,854.14

Lopes, Ana Dr SG2122\210068

Newcastle University

How can parents and carers organise in the workplace? A critical community engaged scholarship investigation.

Value Awarded: £8,570

Louwagie, Fransiska Dr SG2122\210011

University of Leicester

The Future of ‘WWII France’ in Academia: Contemporary Research Paradigms, Trajectories and Challenges

Value Awarded: £4,772.90

Lowe, Brighid Ms SG2122\210818

University College London (UCL)

Re-discovering Lorenza Mazzetti: a female film pioneer and cultural catalyst.

Value Awarded: £9,623.05

Machen, Ruth Dr SG2122\211033

Newcastle University

Governing climate change through machine learning technologies: Valuing patterns, patterning values

Value Awarded: £9,935

Macpherson, Ben Dr SG2122\210387

University of Portsmouth

Musical Theatre on Record 1890 - 1940

Value Awarded: £6,883

Mandarini, Matteo Dr SG2122\211076

Queen Mary University of London

The challenges of effecting systemic change in advanced economies: the case of Italy in the 1970 and ‘80s

Value Awarded: £6,750

Mani, Maryam Dr SG2122\211312

Oxford Brookes University

The Contribution of Urban Community Gardens to Inclusive and Sustainable Local Environments

Value Awarded: £8,931.92

Marino, Agnese Dr SG2122\211217

ZSL Institute of Zoology

Canid allyships in Maremma

Value Awarded: £6,967

Matthews, Jamie SG2122\210436

Bournemouth University

Covid-19 and the Dynamics of Group Blame: Lessons Learnt and Future Implications

Value Awarded: £9,010

McCarthy, Rory Dr SG2122\210707

Durham University

Islamist Dilemmas: Investigating Dynamics of Party Change in North Africa

Value Awarded: £9,850

McEvoy, Emma Dr SG2122\210102

University of Westminster

The Music of Gothic Literature and Theatre: 1790-1830

Value Awarded: £9,992

McKinley, Emma Dr SG2122\210785

Cardiff University

Ocean Literacy for Africa

Value Awarded: £9,600

McLoughlin, Niamh Dr SG2122\210307

University of Kent

Children’s developing understanding of others’ minds across intergroup divides

Value Awarded: £9,954.20

McPherson, Rachel Dr SG2122\210451

University of Glasgow

Hidden voices: how women convicted of killing their intimate partners experience the Scottish criminal justice system

Value Awarded: £10,000

Meenaghan, Amy Dr SG2122\210815

University of Portsmouth

Actions speak louder than words: Using virtual reality to understand collaborative decision-making in residential burglary

Value Awarded: £9,763

Meginnis, Keila Dr SG2122\211074

University of Glasgow

Demand for birdlife in Indonesia under threat of zoonotic disease spread

Value Awarded: £10,000

Metternich, Nils SG2122\210478

University College London

Pan-African Conferences Dataset

Value Awarded: £8,727

Molina, Julian SG2122\210910

University of the West of Scotland

The dark figure of crime: government research work and the history of the British Crime Survey (1970 to the present)

Value Awarded: £2,350

Moncrieff, Alexia Dr SG2122\210299

University of Leeds

Epistolary Lives and the Making and Re-Making of First World War Archives

Value Awarded: £9,950

Moss, Brian Dr SG2122\211294

University of Southampton

In a bind UK public libraries as contested spaces of crime, care, and culture

Value Awarded: £4,800

Mukesh, Mudra Dr SG2122\210554

University of Sussex

NFTs as Digital Brand Elements: Impact on Brand Perception

Value Awarded: £9,600

Murray, Rebecca Dr SG2122\211339

University of Sheffield

(Re)imagining the Higher Education Border

Value Awarded: £9,800

Mutanga, Oliver Dr SG2122\210267

Independent Scholar

Disability: Experiences and Perspectives from Zimbabwe’s Indigenous Doma people

Value Awarded: £9,985.62

Nayak, Rounaq Dr SG2122\210223

Bournemouth University

Mapping the drivers and impact of Modern-Day Slavery practices within the traditional Indian tea farming sector

Value Awarded: £8,689.10

Nei, Stephen Dr SG2122\210881

University of Exeter

Selection into Social Learning

Value Awarded: £10,000

Nevay, Sara Dr SG2122\210731

University of Dundee

Interactive Waste: An investigation of sustainable methods and practices within Interactive Textiles

Value Awarded: £9,960

Newman, Kate Dr SG2122\211386

Christian Aid UK

Who is a religious actor and who decides? Using a decolonial ethic to understand the role of faith actors in public health crises in Nigeria

Value Awarded: £9,990

Ngo, Thi Dr SG2122\210363

University of Huddersfield

The art of balance: two search dimensions of spatiality and ambidexterity for innovation

Value Awarded: £9,911

O'Brien, Richard Dr SG2122\210421

Northumbria University

A practice-based approach to auto/biography: Exploring John Darnielle’s Portland

Value Awarded: £3,131.70

Orfanoudaki, Agni Professor SG2122\211007

University of Oxford

Algorithmic Insurance for Healthcare Organizations

Value Awarded: £9,990

Orofino, Elisa Dr SG2122\210228

Anglia Ruskin University

Exploring patterns of online recruitment among non-violent extremists in the UK (2016-2021): group narratives, recruitment methodologies and radicalisation effects

Value Awarded: £9,996.90

Orrego-Carmona, David Dr SG2122\210968

Aston University

Is Google Translate enough? Fostering an effective use of machine translation at public organisations and the third sector

Value Awarded: £8,799

Palace, Marek Dr SG2122\210464

Liverpool John Moores University

Project MAVE (meme, art, vaccination, experiments): Countering anti-vaxxer sentiments through memes

Value Awarded: £8,936.86

Palmer, Isobel SG2122\210799

University of Birmingham

Poetry in Public: The Social Life of Russian Verse 1900-1991

Value Awarded: £7,760

Pamphilis, Niccole Dr SG2122\210538

University of Glasgow

Democratic Accountability at Risk: How Stable are Voters’ Perceptions of Responsibility in the Face of External Events

Value Awarded: £8,040

Paynter, Helen Dr SG2122\210530

Bristol Baptist College

Responding to the Far-Right's Claims to Christianity in the UK: A Multi-disciplinary Consultation

Value Awarded: £7,950

Petek-Sargeant, Nik Dr SG2122\210789

University of Cambridge

Historical East African Archaeology and Theory: A framework for historical archaeology and identity formation

Value Awarded: £9,970.90

Petrakaki, Dimitra Professor SG2122\211271

University of Sussex

Employed by the crowd: challenges and opportunities for the creative industry

Value Awarded: £9,720

Piazza, Roberta Dr SG2122\210901

University of Sussex

Dirt or cleanliness? The tension between Travellers and Gypsies and settled society

Value Awarded: £10,000

Pillay, Nirmala Dr SG2122\211126

Leeds Beckett University

The Road More or Less Travelled: The Evolution of the Right to Health from HIV/AIDs to SARS-CoV-2

Value Awarded: £9,810

Pitardi, Valentina Dr SG2122\210674

University of Surrey

Following rules with AI

Value Awarded: £9,982.80

Plug, Leendert Dr SG2122\210829

University of Leeds

How variable is speech, how reliable are single recordings? Assessing the medium-term dynamics of speech through iterative data collection

Value Awarded: £9,998.52

Pollet, Thomas Professor SG2122\210608

Northumbria University

Tokenism in evolutionary psychology textbooks? Fact checking the use of non-human animal and cultural exemplars, and claims of universality.

Value Awarded: £8,956

Proedrou, Filippos Dr SG2122\210361

University of South Wales

Exploring the representations of climate change as international crime – evolution, trends, and implications for climate policy

Value Awarded: £10,000

Publicover, Laurence Dr SG2122\210238

University of Bristol

Humans and the Seabed: Wiring the World

Value Awarded: £1,125.80

Puri, Tara Dr SG2122\211285

University of Bristol

Picturing the New Indian Woman: Photographic Archives of the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts and Centre for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS)

Value Awarded: £9,190

Rakow, Tim Dr SG2122\211111

King's College London

The role of losses, disappointment, regret and attraction on risky decisions from experience

Value Awarded: £10,000

Ramesh, Aditya Dr SG2122\210708

University of Manchester

Archives and Maps of Water: Environmental Justice and Cartography for a Coastal City, Chennai 1800-present

Value Awarded: £9,700

Rauer, Christine Dr SG2122\210906

University of St Andrews

A Literary History of Mercia: Scribes, Stories, Scholarship c. 600-1100

Value Awarded: £5,740

Redmon, Charles Dr SG2122\210136

University of Oxford

Bootstrapping the lexicon: Toward bottom-up approaches to the study of individual vocabularies

Value Awarded: £5,960

Restuccia, Mariachiara Dr SG2122\210380

University of Sussex

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Evolution, revolution or fad in the creative industries? Evidence from UK creators and artists

Value Awarded: £9,194

Rewilak, Johan Dr SG2122\210472

Aston University

A New Direction to Examine the Economic Impact of Sporting Mega Events

Value Awarded: £7,681.21

Reynolds, Joanna Dr SG2122\210495

Sheffield Hallam University

Understanding experiences and impacts of alcohol provision in changing public spaces

Value Awarded: £8,166

Robbins, Hannah Dr SG2122\210692

University of Nottingham

Cultural Policy, Media, and Musicals during the Obama Era

Value Awarded: £9,984

Roberts, Thomas Dr SG2122\210862

University of Surrey

From Dirty Work to Leisure Activity: Exploring the Growth in Recreational Waste Collection

Value Awarded: £9,993

Roell, Christiaan Dr SG2122\210739

University of Sheffield

Tackling grand challenges: cross-sectoral collaborations to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

Value Awarded: £9,955

Rossi Rognoni, Gabriele SG2122\211241

Royal College of Music

Materialising Musical Instruments

Value Awarded: £9,759

Rossini, Patricia Dr SG2122\211120

University of Glasgow

Democratic Renewal or Backsliding? Investigating Disinformation, Political Intolerance, and Polarization in the 2022 Presidential Elections in Brazil

Value Awarded: £9,960

Rossit, Stephanie Dr SG2122\210687

University of East Anglia

Decoding real tool use from visual fMRI response patterns

Value Awarded: £9,910

Ryburn, Megan Dr SG2122\211089

London School of Economics and Political Science

Borderland threads: Crafting in-depth narratives of violence and resistance with Colombian migrant women in Chile

Value Awarded: £9,930

Ryzova, Lucie Dr SG2122\210970

University of Birmingham

Love, Intimacy and Selfhood in Late Colonial Egypt

Value Awarded: £9,484

Shively, Elizabeth Dr SG2122\210006

University of St Andrews

Diegesis in Mind: Cognitive Disciplines and Ancient Narratives in Dialogue

Value Awarded: £8,809

Simecek, Karen Dr SG2122\210393

University of Warwick

Empowering Young Voices: performing poetry as a practice of social justice

Value Awarded: £9,993.40

Singer, Gregor Dr SG2122\210929

London School of Economics and Political Science

Taxing carbon intensive food: implications for aggregate carbon emissions and inequality

Value Awarded: £8,850

Smith, Camilla Dr SG2122\210217

University of Birmingham

Modern Erotica: Sex, Censorship and German Visual Culture, 1918–1939

Value Awarded: £5,950

Smith, Andrew Dr SG2122\210400

University of Liverpool

Historical Origins of Cross-National Discrepancies in Underground Infrastructure Costs

Value Awarded: £1,883.68

Smith, David Dr SG2122\210763

University of Birmingham

The Environmental context for three North European Iron age bog bodies

Value Awarded: £9,700

Smyth, Rebecca Dr SG2122\210458

Birmingham City University

Abortion, reproductive freedom, and sexual and reproductive health and rights: lessons from El Salvador

Value Awarded: £8,874.40

Spaskovska, Ljubica Dr SG2122\210646

University of Exeter

The Urban Internationale: The United Nations and Urban Development 1945-1980

Value Awarded: £8,098

Spotswood, Fiona Dr SG2122\210424

University of Bristol

Gender injustice in action sports: The role, potential and limitations of transformative marketing and media for women’s mountain biking

Value Awarded: £9,910.70

Squatrito, Theresa SG2122\211149

London School of Economics and Political Science

Mobilising ethnic nationalism: De-legitimating international criminal tribunals

Value Awarded: £9,994

Squire, Rachael Dr SG2122\210640

Royal Holloway, University of London

Behind the glass: Curating Aquarium encounters in a time of environmental crisis.

Value Awarded: £9,836

Stacey, Patrick Dr SG2122\210716

Loughborough University

An Investigation into Emotional Health in Outer-Space: A Pilot Study

Value Awarded: £9,622.68

Stratigos, Michael Dr SG2122\210997

University of York

Archaeology and Anthropocene Biodiversity: leveraging the past to protect the future

Value Awarded: £8,592

Sugden, Jack Dr SG2122\210677

Liverpool John Moores University

‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’: civil society activism and resistance through sport.

Value Awarded: £6,820

Suresh, Mayur Dr SG2122\210207

School of Oriental and African Studies

Mapping the India’s use of anti-terror laws

Value Awarded: £9,997

Taeuscher, Karl Dr SG2122\210579

University of Manchester

Entrepreneurs as storytellers: How narratives drive technology ventures’ resource acquisition

Value Awarded: £9,897.65

Touboulic, Anne Dr SG2122\211230

University of Nottingham

A critical narrative approach to food safety in the UK: A (hi)story of milk

Value Awarded: £9,796.30

Turner, Cathy Professor SG2122\210937

University of Exeter

Taking Tea: Cultures of Tea Production and Consumption in India, Sri Lanka and the UK

Value Awarded: £7,424

Tyler, Matthew Dr SG2122\210227

University of Cambridge

Switch-reference in theory and practice

Value Awarded: £9,405

Vesperoni, Alberto Dr SG2122\210892

King's College London

Measuring wealth: Income capitalization with heterogeneous rates of return

Value Awarded: £9,776

Wallrich, Lukas Mr SG2122\210926

Birkbeck, University of London

On the path to cumulative and replicable science: introducing mega-analyses to intergroup contact research

Value Awarded: £9,628

Walmsley, Ian Dr SG2122\210145

University of the West of England, Bristol

To disclose or not disclose? An exploratory study into the experiences of disclosing a history of problematic drug use and its impact on the recovery journey

Value Awarded: £4,521.66

Wang, Ao Dr SG2122\210828

University of Warwick

An Empirical Model of Bilateral Bargaining with Vertical Information Frictions

Value Awarded: £9,750

Wang, Fang Dr SG2122\210988

University of Surrey

Media use of pharmaceutical promotional literature: the case of antidepressant medication

Value Awarded: £9,851.42

White, Elizabeth Dr SG2122\210683

University of the West of England, Bristol

The Global Cold War and the Internationalisation of Children's Rights

Value Awarded: £9,150

Whiteman, Stephen SG2122\210491

Courtauld Institute of Art

Mapping Heaven and the World: Visualising Space in China since 1000

Value Awarded: £9,928

Whitewood, Peter Dr SG2122\210117

York St John University

Prisoners of War and International Humanitarian Law in Revolutionary Russia, 1917–1929

Value Awarded: £3,450

Wolfe, Sam Dr SG2122\210773

University of Oxford

Mapping Syntactic Variation – New Directions

Value Awarded: £3,820

Woodbridge, Jessie Dr SG2122\210219

University of Plymouth

Water security in Turkey: lessons from the past to enhance socio-ecological resilience to future challenges

Value Awarded: £9,975

Xu, Fang Dr SG2122\210378

Brunel University London

Impacts of news coverage on the financial markets

Value Awarded: £8,906

Yang, Bo Dr SG2122\210952

Swansea University

Macroeconomic Policy Analysis for Resource-Rich Emerging Economies

Value Awarded: £9499.81

Zalata, Alaa Dr SG2122\211011

University of Southampton

Debt covenants and monitory vs. advisory directors

Value Awarded: £9,883

Zhang, Nan Dr SG2122\210325

University of Manchester

Grandparents on the move: urban migration and grandparenting in post-one-child policy China

Value Awarded: £9,827.34

Zhang, Xiaochun Dr SG2122\210977

University of Bristol

Translating audio description for video games: making games accessible across languages and cultures

Value Awarded: £8,580

Zhang, Ruby Dr SG2122\211303

University of Reading

Adoption of service robotics in adult social care – the effect of learning style on adoption

Value Awarded: £9,872.50

Zhao, Anita L. Dr SG2122\211025

Swansea University

“Why Wait? Buy Now Pay Later”: Investigating the Impact of Deferred Cashless Payments on Younger British Consumers

Value Awarded: £8,014.20

Zhao, Mintao Dr SG2122\211144

University of East Anglia

Investigating the contribution of holistic processing, adaptive coding, and idiosyncratic representation to individual differences in face recognition

Value Awarded: £9,945.56

Zhao, Jinsha Dr SG2122\211329

Kingston University

Technology evolution and the pay gap between top managers and employees

Value Awarded: £6,609.10

Zheng, Chen Dr SG2122\211014

Leeds Beckett University

Why furloughed employees won't return? A relative deprivation perspective

Value Awarded: £9,760

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